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Homosexuality, Promiscuity and the Collapse of Society: Follow the Science

Is there historical evidence to support the claim that societies which embrace promiscuity, homosexuality and variations of LGBT+ expression will decline? What does scientific research convey about the link between societal acceptance of diverse sexual expression and the potential for societal collapse? 

All the men from every part of the city of Sodom surrounded the house. They called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.”

– Genesis 19:4-5

Podcaster Joe Rogan and Matt Walsh engaged in a respectful debate about gay marriage on The Joe Rogan Experience in November 2022. Rogan supports it, whilst Walsh argued the public good is served by heterosexual monogamous marriage, saying, “The male-female union has this capacity to create life, whereas no other union has that capacity.” Walsh imagined a scenario of societal collapse and posited that without male and female unions in marriage, society wouldn’t last. Is he right?

In 1934, an Oxford and Cambridge academic, J.D. Unwin, M.C., Ph.D., published the results of an exhaustive study of 86 different societies over five thousand years, concerning monogamy, free sexual expression and rampant promiscuity, and their impact upon society, entitled Sex and Culture.

Unwin describes himself as a rationalist, confiding that science exclusively conveys the ultimate tool for factual inquiry. With no religious convictions to convey, Unwin offered evidence without judgment in his six-hundred-plus page study, saying,

I offer no opinion about rightness or wrongness [of sexual choices]

– Sex and Culture by J.D. Unwin

Unwin wanted to test the prevailing Freudian notion of his age that civilisation is a by-product of repressed sexuality. His findings shocked him, scholars and experts. He observed a correlation between monogamy and the ‘expansive energy’ of civilisation in all 86 different societies.

Unwin discovered civilisations where men and women practice abstinence from sexual intercourse until marriage and faithfulness within thrive, and promiscuous cultures with sexual divergence decline

Today, governments reward married couples with the marriage tax allowance because of the net benefit studies find they provide society. Heterosexual couples that stay together and raise children pay more in taxes than they claim back, and they contribute more to the stability of society. Meanwhile, men who practice promiscuity and abandon their children create a financial burden for taxpayers to bail out their choices.

Unwin’s research found sexual restraint resulted in stronger, wealthier and creative cultures

Amongst the 86 societies Unwin studied were Roman, Greek, Sumerian, Moorish, Babylonian and Anglo-Saxon civilisations. His conclusion, albeit in academic language, declares:

In human records, there is no instance of a society retaining its energy after a complete new generation has inherited a tradition which does not insist on pre-nuptial and post-nuptial continence

– Sex and Culture by J.D. Unwin

In non-academic language, he garnered evidence that societal collapse begins with changing attitudes to sex. When alternative sexual lifestyles replace monogyny between one male and one female, society embarks on the process of decline, which if fully embraced, takes ‘three generations’ to collapse. But when sexual fidelity is encouraged and practised, society regains its momentum and flourishes again.

Any human society is free to choose either to display great energy or to enjoy sexual freedom; the evidence is that it cannot do both

– Sex and Culture by J.D. Unwin

Out of all the cultures Unwin studied, not one survived for more than three generations after it completely abandoned support for sexual propriety, heterosexual marriage and monogamy. None.

Unwin witnessed that monogamy produces a net benefit to society, whilst promiscuity and sexual divergence drain society, establishing decline

Philosopher and futurist Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World describes the study Sex and Culture as “a work of the highest importance” in his book Ethics. Here are ten takeaways from Unwin’s research.

  1. Society flourishes when sexual constraint is encouraged
  2. Sexual liberalisation leads to a slow-motion societal collapse
  3. Unwin was shocked to find that pre-nuptial chastity is the most important issue in reducing national decline and creating a flourishing culture
  4. When pre-nuptial chastity is coupled with absolute monogamy, the arts, literature, sciences, architecture, engineering and agriculture begin to flourish. But only three out of eighty-six cultures achieved this
  5. When sexual liberalisation flourishes, rational expertise declines. In our time: A man can be a woman and a transgender ‘female’ dominates female sport
  6. When prenuptial chastity and absolute monogamy are abandoned completely in the name of progress, faith in God (deism), and rational thinking disappears within three generations. In our time, we’re atheists and gender is a construct
  7. Total societal collapse takes place within three generations if everyone in the society embraces sexual liberalisation. Society reaches a, ‘dead level of conception,’ as people’s selfishness destroys civilisation
  8. However, those who maintain that sex is sacred between one male and one female, and that family life should be cherished restrain this decline. In our time, the elite culture may be progressive, but millions are Christians or conservative in behaviour. Also, the contrast between morality, family life, law, order, and stability in blue progressive states and red conservative states can be contrasted. Why are people fleeing the blue states?
  9. People who embrace alternative sexual lifestyles extract more from society in tax and need more support than they provide, leading to the impoverishment of all. In our time, those with alternative sexual lifestyles expect a bailout from conservative taxpayers. I.E, others must pay to cancel my debts, pay for my illegitimate children’s support and my transition, etc.
  10. When sexual liberalisation destabilises society, it drains its wealth and knowledge, and another civilisation becomes stronger and overthrows it. In our time, it is the danger of China creating a new world order without freedom

Unwin’s research is intriguing because, whilst writing my books, I studied how the decline of Christianity in a nation impacts the decline of its civilisation, and how its rise creates strength. Also, in my book about the end times, I present how the world collapses into disorder according to the Book of Revelation.

Thus says the Lord:

“Stand in the ways and see,

And ask for the old paths,

where the good way is,

And walk in it;

Then you will find rest for your souls.

But they said, ‘We will not walk in it’ ”

– Jeremiah 6:16

When we combine the teaching of Moses, the prophets, Jesus and His disciples, we find they agree that all sexual expression outside of a lifelong union between one man and one woman is a sin against themselves and society. Unwin considers the teaching of Christianity in his research, but it is not a religious document; Jesus is only directly mentioned once in the study.

Unwin didn’t ponder the religious implications of his study, but he focused on academic scholarship – evidence, facts and consequences

As people live longer today and reproduce later, a generation could stretch from 30 to 50 years representing 90 to 150 years of change. If the year 2000 was the beginning of progressive ideas taking hold of entire nation’s sexual preferences, Unwin’s study indicates on the West’s current promiscuous trajectory, the West’s decline will continue for at least another century until it is totally usurped – financially, militarily, culturally and in technology by another culture.

In this scenario without repentance, the USA becomes as influential as Portugal and Britain will emerge as powerful as Liechtenstein. But if repentance follows and we are restored to the ancient paths, our strength will be renewed by reaping the rewards of faithfulness.

J.D. Unwin’s research provides scientific evidence that the biblical teachers on sexual ethics were correct about sin and its consequences. Two things are evident in the modern world: alternative promiscuous sexual expression is flourishing in the West and the West is in decline. Unwin’s research predicted this.

So Lot went out and spoke to his sons-in-law, who had married his daughters, and said, “Get up, get out of this place; for the Lord will destroy this city!” But to his sons-in-law he seemed to be joking…Then the Lord rained brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, from the Lord out of the heavens. So He overthrew those cities, all the plain, all the inhabitants of the cities and what grew on the ground

– Genesis 19:14, 23-2

By Paul Backholer. Find out about Paul’s books here.