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    Where was the Bible’s Red Sea? Where did Moses cross Yam-Suph?

    The parting of the Red Sea is central to the Bible’s Exodus story, but no one has proved conclusively where the crossing took place. We know the starting point for the Exodus was the area of Ramesses, and one traditional idea is that the Hebrews headed south and crossed the tip of the presently named Red Sea...

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    The Bible’s Joseph in Ancient Egyptian History: Evidence for Joseph from Egypt

    Evidence for the Bible’s Exodus. As we journeyed into what the Bible calls the Land of Goshen, we discovered excavations revealed a Semitic city called Avaris. This centre was vast and archaeologists found the foundations for many structures. The Semitic people who lived here became powerful and their leaders governed vast areas of ancient Egypt.

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    Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas: Discover the Gift Giver who Inspired the Legend of Santa Claus

    Before he was called a Saint, Nicholas was an orphan who inherited great wealth from his family. Born in modern-day Turkey in AD c.280, he was raised as a Christian during times of persecution and believed he could use his wealth to help the needy. Cautious of the Lord Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6 to give with a pure heart, he gained a reputation for secret giving. What precisely took place is unknown, but legend states he once heard of a poor man whose daughters could be sold into prostitution. To save them from destitution, he put money into a bag and threw it into their home at night and…

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    The Revelation TV Story: Hey Howie, Howard Conder & Gordon Pettie

    The sixties changed everything. The Beatles burst into a world gasping for breath, from an age of post-war bleak austerity. It was all just a laugh to begin with. Partying replaced serious life choices. Promiscuity shunned commitment and responsibility. Consumerism hypnotised the soul. “God is,” they said, “a myth.” Into this world a young Howard Conder made his mark, playing the drums for big bands and taking home a packet of money. Soon he drove a Rolls Royce, hung out with his mate David Bowie and Eric Clapton greeted him by name. Howard played gigs with the revered celebrities of this ‘golden age’ of the sixties revolution and he passed…

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    The Red Sea Crossing Evidence, A Miracle Repeated

    In 1882 Egypt, a British general and statistician, Alexander Tulloch, chronicles firsthand evidence for the parting of the Red Sea. Without trying, he authenticates the possibility of the Red Sea miracle with eyewitness testimony. The Red Sea parted for a second time and a trusted scientist, known for his expert studies in volumes of statistical reports, catalogued it. His documentation provides us with a powerful reason to examine the biblical text for a second time. In the Hebrew text, the body of water the Hebrews crossed is literally called, ‘Yam-Suph.’ Translated into English as the ‘Red Sea,’ its true meaning is ‘Sea of Reeds.’ Experts have judged the modern Red Sea to be too wide and deep for a crossing…

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    Healed! Hezekiah’s Miracle in Modern Times

    The Lord who worked in the lives of His people in the Old Testament is still working in the lives of His people today. Remember the story of King Hezekiah’s illness in 2 Kings 20? Hezekiah was at the point of death and was told by the Lord to put his house in order because he would not recover. King Hezekiah cried before the Lord and asked God to remember his faithfulness. The Lord heard and gave him another fifteen years and confirmed it with a sign. Dave Chang experienced something like this in his church. An elder diagnosed with liver cancer was told by all his doctors he had…