Why ByFaith?

The phrase ‘By Faith’ is found over forty times in Holy Scripture, depending on your Bible translation. In the great faith chapter of the Bible, Hebrews 11, ‘By Faith’ is repeated eighteen times, conveying the greatest achievements accomplished by these heroes of Scripture were possessed by faith.

We are told, ‘The just shall live by faith’ several times in the Bible from the Old and New Testaments. It is by faith that we believe in God and find Christ, receiving His forgiveness and justification. It is by faith we discover and learn to walk in the plan God has for us. Facing significant challenges, it is by faith we traverse these mountains as we trust God for miracles. It is by faith that we go through the daily challenges of life, and learn to live in the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit.

To accomplish the will of God, we must follow Christ by faith.

By Paul Backholer

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