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The Red Sea Crossing Evidence, A Miracle Repeated

In 1882 Egypt, a British general and statistician, Alexander Tulloch, chronicles firsthand evidence for the parting of the Red Sea. Without trying, he authenticates the possibility of the Red Sea miracle with eyewitness testimony. The Red Sea parted for a second time and a trusted scientist, known for his expert studies in volumes of statistical reports, catalogued it.

His documentation provides us with a powerful reason to examine the biblical text for a second time. In the Hebrew text, the body of water the Hebrews crossed is literally called, ‘Yam-Suph.’ Translated into English as the ‘Red Sea,’ its true meaning is ‘Sea of Reeds.’

Experts have judged the modern Red Sea to be too wide and deep for a crossing at its shallowest part because the mass of water needed to move is herculean. However, a sea of reeds can move with ease.

The Bible tells us how God moved the waters in the original Hebrew text: ‘Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea [of reeds]; and the Lord caused the sea [of reeds] to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea [of reeds] into dry land, and the waters were divided’ (Exodus 14:21).

Hollywood depicts the movement of the water standing up like a wall within a minute. The Bible tells us this happened overnight and the exact phenomenon is witnessed by Alexander Tulloch in Egypt, 1882. This respected general, known for keeping accurate accounts recorded the waters of Lake Manzala, a sea of reeds, being driven back eleven kilometres by a strong east wind overnight. He went to sleep with a sea of reeds beside and woke up to dry land.

When brothers Paul and Mathew Backholer visited Egypt in their search for the exodus evidence, they identified four lakes as the potential crossing point for the Israelites: The Northern Lake, El-Ballah Lake, Lake Timsah and the Bitter Lake. By studying satellite photos, they identified ancient movements of the waters, providing greater detail to the route of the exodus. These lakes are deep enough for an army to drown in and shallow enough to be driven apart by the wind of God.

They recorded their discoveries in the DVD documentary Israel in Egypt, the streaming documentary The Exodus Evidence and in the book The Exodus Evidence by Paul Backholer.

By Paul Backholer. Find out about Paul’s books here.