How Christianity Made the Modern World

By Paul Backholer


How Christianity Made the Modern World

How The Bible Inspired Liberty, Shaped Western Civilisation, Invigorated Human Rights, Transformed Democracy and Why Free People Owe So Much to their Christian Heritage.

What has Christianity ever done for the world? The answer is both profound and inexhaustible. Discover how Christianity became the most important factor in the creation of the modern world by shaping our values, beliefs and civilisation. Find how leading scientists, explorers, adventurers and freedom fighters were inspired by their Christian faith and learn how they changed life on planet earth!

Take a journey with the author to over thirty-five nations as he establishes from personal observations, how slaves were freed, human rights were fought for and how liberty spread globally as the message of the Christian gospel sounded-forth. Learn how empires and superpowers were transformed by Christianity, how missionaries kept them accountable abroad and how non-conformist believers transformed them from within.

Discover the greatest transforming legacy that the world has ever known by delving into the story of Christianity and how it paved the way into the modern age. Observe how the United States, Great Britain and the West were transformed by the Christian message; learn how Christianity facilitated the path that led to Western liberty and laid the foundations of the modern world.

Calling upon over four-hundred source references, including presidents, prime ministers, leading journalists and historians; the historical record presents that from education to democracy, from human rights to science, and from law to language etc., Christianity has always been at the fore!

Though history divulges that the established Church often lost its way, this book reveals that the authentic message of Jesus Christ continued to transform the world and led it into a bright new age of liberty through the lives of non-conformist Bible-believing Christians! The pages of this book bear witness to the fact that many of the greatest leaders in the cause of liberty found their inspiration from the Christian faith and reveals that humanity owes a profound debt to Bible-believing Christians.

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