The End Times, the Book of Revelation, Antichrist 666, Tribulation, Armageddon and the Return of Christ

By Paul Backholer


The End Times, the Book of Revelation, Antichrist 666, Tribulation, Armageddon and the Return of Christ

Doomsday Apocalypse in the Last Days of Earth, the Millennial Reign, Apostate Church & the Messianic Age

In this compelling narrative, find the keys to unlock the mysteries of the Book of Revelation in an uncomplicated unveiling of biblical prophecy. The end times will come alive!

Get ready to understand the last days, the hope of the rapture and the purpose of the tribulation. Unveil the deception of Antichrist, the treachery of the world union of governments and the foreshadowing of the abomination of desolation.

Explore Israel’s peace treaty with the man of sin and discover the apocalyptic purpose for the third temple in Jerusalem. Celebrate God’s victory at Armageddon and joy in the return of Jesus Christ to Israel, as He unveils the wonders of His millennial reign. Observe the restoration of the Jews and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, as you glory in the defeat of Satan and the ultimate triumph of God.

Filled throughout with Scriptural references for observation, take an easy to understand journey with an angelic witness to discover how the world will end, to prepare for the creation of the new heavens and earth. The nations will declare that Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords!

Also available is the prequel, book 1, Heaven, Paradise is Real by Paul Backholer and the journey continues in the forthcoming book 3 of the Trilogy, with the preliminary title Battlefield of the Mind by Paul Backholer.

Biblical Themes Explored:

* Jesus on the Last Days

* The Key to the End Times

* Six End of the Age Signs

* Israel and the Jews

* Church Apostasy

* Holy Spirit Awakening

* 666 – Mark of the Beast

* The Third Jewish Temple

* Media Bias and Antichrist

* Preparation for One World Government

* Work of Antichrist spirits & Signs of the Times

* Foundations for the Man of Sin

* Censorship to Prepare for Antichrist

* Escaping the Seven Year Tribulation

* The Rapture of the Church of Jesus

* The Divided Tribulation Explained

* Seven Seals & Seven Trumpets

* Seven Thunders & Seven Bowls of Wrath

* Antichrist’s Peace Treaty with Israel

* Four Horses of the Apocalypse

* The Jews and the 144,000 Evangelists

* Antichrist Smashes Israel’s Peace Treaty

* War on Israel & the Invasion of Jerusalem

* Abomination of Desolation, Temple Defiled

* War on the Saints and Persecution of the Jews

* The Counterfeit Antichrist Resurrection

* The Meaning of the Beast from the Earth

* Supernatural Power & the Beast out of the Sea

* Two Supernatural Witnesses, Elijah & Moses

* Armageddon Apocalypse, Nuclear War

* Restoration of the Jews to the Messiah

* Return of Jesus Christ, Every Eye Will See Him

* Millennial Reign on Earth, Perfect Peace

* Devil Bound for a Thousand Years

* The Total Defeat of Satan & the Demonic

* Great White Throne Judgment

* The Nephilim and Antichrist

* The End of Earth in Fire

* New Heaven, New Earth

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About The Author

Paul Backholer is an evangelical author, broadcaster, explorer and missionary. He is the co-founder of ByFaith Media ( and has appeared on Christian channels globally. As a faith-based documentary maker, he also produces and co-presents ByFaith TV.

Born in the 1970s, he received his call as a teenager after an encounter with the Holy Spirit, leading him to commit his life to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. He studied theology at Bible College, where he later served as a staff member and an itinerate preacher. Since then he has travelled to over forty nations working with Christian projects and charities.

Paul’s missionary adventures include sharing Christ in South America, traversing Africa from Cairo to the Cape, travelling on the Trans Siberian Railway from Mongolia across Russia, voyaging by canoe to share God’s Word with remote tribes in the Pacific and entering the jungles of South East Asia to find unreached groups.

As a Bible-believing Christian, he is committed to the integrity of Scripture and faithfulness to it. His books are birthed from studies and his relationship with the Lord, and cover a variety of subjects, including walking closely with God, knowing the Holy Spirit, prophetic revelations grounded in Scripture, biblical archaeology and Christian history.