Heaven, Paradise is Real, Hope Beyond Death

By Paul Backholer

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Heaven, Paradise is Real, Hope Beyond Death

An Angelic Pilgrimage to Your Future Home

Come on a journey to another world of eternal bliss, joy and light, in this enchanting narrative which pulls you in and shows you heaven. Meet those who have gone before into paradise and found eternal peace.

Enter into the heavenly Jerusalem, with a man and an angelic guide to discover the truth about immortality, the afterlife and the joy of eternity.

Also available is book 2, The End Times, the Book of Revelation by Paul Backholer and the journey continues in the forthcoming book 3 of the Trilogy, with the preliminary title Battlefield of the Mind by Paul Backholer.


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ISBN 978-1-907066-80-1 (paperback)
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23 chapters
144 pages

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About The Author

Paul Backholer is an evangelical author, broadcaster, explorer and missionary. He is the co-founder of ByFaith Media (www.ByFaith.org) and has appeared on Christian channels globally. As a faith-based documentary maker, he produces and co-presents ByFaith TV. Paul is the author of many books, including The Baptism of Fire, How Christianity Made the Modern World, The Exodus Evidence and The Ark of the Covenant. Paul studied theology at Bible College and has travelled to over forty nations working with Christian projects and charities.