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  • ‘Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy’ (1 Corinthians 14:1).
  • ‘Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies’ (1 Thessalonians 5:19-20).
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    9 August 2015 - The Blood of the Lamb, Lion and Babies; Robin Hood, Planned Parenthood, Aslan and Islam; Rees Howells Battled and Enoch Powell Warned! ...One lion dies and millions are deeply offended...with all that is going on in the name of Islam, a few cry out about the word ‘swarm’... Go
    2 June 2015 - Religious Games – To Play or Pray? The Social Gospel or Blood-Bought Redemption? Wake up America, Great Britain, European Nations! An Army of Demoniacs are Gathering...to Devour the West! Go
    17 May 2015 - Shaking Nations and the Avalanche of Deception, I will have the Attention of My People, The Fear of God Restored. ...When there is a clash or collision on a fault line beneath the earth’s surface, there is a quake, a cry from deep within the earth. These are the beginnings of the birth pains... Some say they are believing for a billion souls while... Go
    13 April 2014 - Pandering Politicians with Misguided Beliefs in a Politically Correct Britain (Palm Sunday). There are those living in the land who have been elected by the electorate but are not a part of My elect. Yet when it pleases them, they claim to know Me and My Word... Britain is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the Lord. Seventy years have passed since... Go
    26 January 2014 - Presumptuous Service – My Plans or Yours? (The Call of God, His Plan and His Timing!). Many are the plan’s of men’s hearts and most meet with failure for they do not pertain to My plan. ...On the canvas of Church history, many were called, and then set out to paint a masterpiece without... There are individuals and ministries floundering in a sea of confusion... Go
    23 October 2013 - The Last Hour Intercessors (The Completion of the Every Creature Commission). This is the last hour when the majority of the intercessors, revivalists, evangelists and all manner of others that Rees Howells and his son Samuel understood from the Holy Spirit’s intercession through them and their team at the former Bible College of Wales... Go
    29 September 2013 - Do not Play with the Word of God – Live It (Deny Self, Take up your Cross and Follow Christ). It is written that the holy Scriptures are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus, and that all Scripture is God breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training In righteousness. Why? Go
    23 August 2013 - Different Chains of Grace (A Life of Leisure that Scatters or a Life that Gathers and Counts?). Listen I say, listen and take note. A lone woman burdened down with her past and the daily need for water came face to face with Jesus.... Judas also received grace upon grace (unmerited favour), yet took it for granted, despising it in his heart and abused it... Go
    10 April 2013 - Holy Spirit Led Intercession (Death to Self – Cleansing, Separation and Training). To those who I am calling out and setting apart for such a time as this; to build up the wall and stand before Me in the gap on behalf of the land and others... Go
    29 March 2013 (Good Friday, Easter) - War on Two Fronts, Full Surrender for Victory (Spiritual Warfare and the Every Creature Commission). Do you need reminding that you are in a war between good and evil, and every battle, every conflict on the earth coincides with spiritual warfare in the Heavenly realms? Both are spiritual in origin, as spiritual forces of... Go
    18 March 2013 - The Church Under Attack – False Teaching, Another Gospel (Living for God or self, the Great Commission or Man’s Mission?). The Church will continue to come under increasing pressure as it is infiltrated by tares and swamped by lying, deceiving spirits... Satan’s fishers of men who are drip-feeding the lies of ‘another gospel’ like droplets of honey... Go
    12 March 2013 - An Overdraft of Grace Still Outstanding (What is the True Measure of a Man?). Who’s fooling who? Do not be deceived, you do indeed reap what you sow... many are reaping a harvest that has come from pleasing their sinful nature, which leads to destruction... Ministry can break a man, but it never makes the man something he is not... What truly makes a man, and sets him apart from sin and the world is... Go
    1 March 2013 - The End Time Storms (Treasures of Heaven or Treasures in Jars of Clay). As the mist of time clears along with Satan’s fog of deception, those who have chosen to truly focus upon My Word will be able to see in the Spirit more clearly... It was always My intent and purpose that through the Church My manifold wisdom would be made plain to the rulers and authorities, the powers of darkness...Yet I see before Me a Church... Go
    10 January 2013 - One in Spirit and in Truth (Divine or Devilish, The Holy Spirit or Tares and Apostasy). The Spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing... If the Bride is not truly besotted by the Groom, it is only a matter of time before she could become bewitched by another... Go
    15 July 2012 - The Lord’s Paratroopers (Theocratic Intervention). In the days of Joshua, he learnt... through Moses...that holy hands be lifted up to the Lord in intercession if the battle on the earth was to be won... there are those who would rather undertake sponsored runs...and all manner of ways to raise money to carry out their own religious plans rather than... Go
    10 June 2012 - Japan's Church - (Land of the rising Sun - Your Hour of Growth). To the church in the garden of Japan ... I am the true Gardener and My Son is the true Vine. You have known much pruning but now is the time for new shoots to sprout and form branches that will... Go
    8 June 2012 - Links with the Holy Spirit - (Linked with the Holy Spirit or Chained by the Devil?). ...I am grieved that many of My people are bound and chained due to the lack of knowledge of the Holy Spirit. They boast of their social links and are pleased even proud of their... Go
    5 June 2012 - The Work and Legacy of the Holy Spirit (An Ongoing Living Legacy from Generation to Generation). ...My Kingdom will come and My will shall be done. Old wells, old pals and their networks cannot prise or profit from the work of the Holy Spirit... Go
    Easter Weekend (April 2012) - My Will, My Power by My Spirit in the Last Days (One in the Spirit – The Every Creature Commission). To those who claim in My name only to be My Church in the nations of the world, from the centre to the outer most parts of the four winds... Go
    18 December 2011 - From Manipulative Media to Divine Grace and to the Oscars (Christian Fundraising by Dishonest Means). Against all odds, Saul was anointed King over the Lord’s inheritance and My Spirit... For many today, raising money is a mockery of manmade ideas that tries to replace Divine grace with human ability... Go
    13 November 2011 - The Long Wrong Road to Nineveh (Your Way or God's?). What, O what are My people up to now? ... Many who claim they are My people have a never ending supply of adrenalin to do what they want to do. They continually come up with new ideas... Go
    2 October 2011 - The Church Coppice (Lessons from Nature, Tares, Youth and Social Networks). In My coppice of ash, hazel, and oak you will find a cradle of youth that reach up to the light, sturdy and resolute. The old growth is pruned out and used in all manner of ways, but... Go
    11 September 2011 - Hired Hands Care Little for the Sheep (Prayer and Bible Study are Neglected). In its day! The gardens of Helegan (Cornwall, U.K.) produced the finest vegetables and most succulent of fruits to grace the table of any man and his family. Unfortunately with the coming of war... Go
    4 September 2011 - Sitting on the Fence of Defence. (Facing Truths – Tares and Sons of the Evil One). For generations My chosen ones have sat on a fence on the defence because the name of Jesus is an offence to many. Now is the time to come down off this fence that you have been... Go
    7 August 2011 - Tares and Wood Wormed Chairs. (Spring-Clean – Infested, Fumigated or Demolished) In My house there are many rooms that are full of the light of the world and spotless. But this is not the case in the house of God which is... You know all about the Arab Spring as... Go
    19 June 2011 - Seasons of Healing (The World will Stand Up and Take Notice). Flipping through the calendar of time you cannot help but notice that there are seasons for every activity ...days of powerless shadows are coming to an end and the true Church will embrace a season of healing miracles, signs and wonders... Go
    8 May 2011 - The Game of Shame (I have Removed Many things from you as a Nation). Wave the flag, blow the whistle, show them the yellow card ... it’s a foul, Show the red card, blow the whistle, send them off, book them ... The Premier League has sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind says the Lord. There are stadiums sinking ... going down like the Titanic... Go
    25 April 2011 - Sold Out For Jesus or Selling Him (Unholy Beggars who fleece the Bride). Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, the Roman soldiers flogged Him and few today are truly sold out to Him ... others have no qualms of selling Him short ... many have peddled My grace... Go
    2 April 2011 - Infants or Disciples – Nations Shaking (Shaking their Finances and their Beliefs). It is written that Jesus Christ the Son of God was born of a woman, wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. So I ask, where were you placed when you were...? Go
    16 February 2011 - The True Light Versus Religious Tradition (Presumption and its Consequences). Moses ... warned the people in the wilderness about the sin of presumption and of the consequences ... David also knew it to be a ... looking to the few at the top, to shed more light on the bestseller... Go
    4 January 2011 - The Holy Spirit or Ichabod (To Embrace or Reject the Spirit of God). It is written: ‘You stiff-necked people with uncircumcised hearts and ears! You are just like your fathers; you always resisted the Holy Spirit!’... They claim to be My disciples and claim I am in their midst... Go
    3 November 2010 - The Every Creature Commission (Rees Howells, Intercession and Warfare). In the days of Isaiah and Hezekiah, the Lord God gave a sign of His promise to them that the shadow cast by the sun would retreat.... My promises are as current coin from one... Go
    16 September 2010 - God’s Vineyard – New Wine or Vinegar (True Worship). Something different has taken root in parts of My vineyard. Some are enthusiastic to cultivate it and propagate more from this rootstock while others are unsure of its roots and origin... Go
    22 August 2010 - Are you IN Christ? (The Hill of the Lord or Tinsel Ministries and Celebrity City). Let it be known that there are men and women whose soul desire is to worship Me in spirit and in truth... They have no titles... Go
    6 August 2010 - Shortage of Good Fruit (Bacteria Abides in the Church). ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord,’ however, many in this hour only exist on a few crumbs that... Go
    26 July 2010 - Will you Reject God (Will YOU Dictate to the Holy Spirit?). Have you not read, take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ...I hear the murmurings... 'We do not want that kind of thing in our church' ... ‘Do not mention sin or repentance, it only puts people off’... Go
    29 June 2010 - Pockets with Holes - Are you Doing God’s Will? (Do you Desire YOUR will over Mine? – Squandering £$€). What have you done with My Gospel? What are you doing in My name? I said go and make disciples and teach them all that I commanded, deny yourself... Next year... Go
    13 May 2010 - The Church Pendulum is out of Alignment (It is not Swinging True to My Word or Will). Look, listen, concentrate, focus – do you see it? ... It’s the pendulum at the heart of the church clock. It’s not swinging true to My word or will, it’s out of alignment... Go
    10 May 2010 - Burdened, the Shadows of Darkness and Mercy (Walk in the Light). ...many in this hour who truly believe all that is written in My word are also truly perplexed ...not all welcomed My Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, but those that did were empowered, gifted and went out and ... Go
    29 April 2010 - Ambassadors for Christ (Do I have your Attention?). To all those who would still claim to be ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, I say to you, what on earth are you doing? There is no higher calling than to be... Go
    8 November 2009 - The True and the False (Produce Fruit). Just as a fog of lies, deceit and deception entered the garden in the beginning, so the same fog of deception has been cultivated in the minds of many in the church... Go
    28 September 2009 - Forewarned is Forearmed (The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge). Over familiarity has bred contempt... In these last generations, there has been a cataclysmic shift in the attitude of many towards My Holy Spirit... greater persecution will also... Go
    16 September 2009 - Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment (Justice Must be Seen to Run its Course). There is no such thing as cheap grace and justice must be seen to run its course. ...Now in the twenty-first century this window is slowly closing to those who are an offence to the... Go
    14 September 2009 - The Enemy has his Hooks in Many of My People (The Bait of Satan, Outside of My Shoal of Protection). ...[many] have been lured away to swim outside of my shoal of protection...but in My goodness and mercy I opened up a sluice for those who were willing to swim through... Go
    2 March 2009 - The Economic Climate (And a Look at the Church). I hear the sound of voices all over the world, people who are anxious, fearful and some who are distraught...What is the world coming to? Will this ever end? ... All the lies, the deceit, the deception; bankers, politicians and leaders... Go
    18 November 2007 - The Last Days – This Age Draws to a Close (Looking for Vessels to be Filled with My Spirit). My Spirit looks throughout the earth for men and women who I can use for My glory in these last days. I am looking for more than a temple for My Spirit to live in, I am looking for.... Go
    10 April 2007 - While the People Slept (The Enemy Sowed Tares - Spiritual Terrorists). Before that great and glorious day which I have planned and purposed – when I shall pour out My Spirit all over Great Britain... it is imperative that all exercise wisdom and discernment... Go
    5 February 2007 - A Warning (Those who only Love God in Measure). There are many in My Body who proclaim Me as Lord, yet still only want Me on their terms...What I have tolerated in the past I will not tolerate in the future... you have deceived yourselves and others... Go
    2 January 2007 - Intercessors Called for Warfare, Prepare the way for the Evangelists and Revivalists – (Rees Howells). I am calling forth men and women from the nations of the earth...They will not compromise... to prepare the way for the evangelists and revivalists... Go
    1 January 2007 - Orphans and Spiritual Fathers of Great Britain (George Müller). ...I will come to you. In this generation there is an overwhelming need in Great Britain for spiritual fathers when so many are lost and destitute, morally and spiritually... Go
    26 November 2006 - Those who Play with Fire will get Burnt! (Sifting and Shaking). ...this is not the time to be playing with fire, you will get burnt. Some of you are already singed and yet continue to play in and around the flames... they will dry you out and before you know it... Go
    28 November 2006 - End-Time Strategy – Pray for your Leadership (Temptations will Come like Waves and Floods). it is important that you have some measure of understanding of the devil’s end-time strategy as he directs horde after horde of evil/unclean spirits to attack and.... Go
    6 September 2006 - Ask, Seek and Knock and Fully Surrender Yourselves (Harvesters Needed!). To the many in the Church who feel discouraged, disheartened, defeated, I have this to say, My power is made perfect in weakness for My Kingdom is not a matter of words but of power, the power of My Holy Spirit which is available to all who ask... Go
    27 March 2006 - You are Without Excuse – I shall Leave no Stone Unturned (The Love of Many has Grown Cold). My judgment, yes My judgment has already begun and it starts with you. I shall leave no stone unturned and look behind every bush and all that can be sifted and shaken shall be.... Go
    11 March 2006 - Careless Words and Choreographed Preachers (Access to the Power of the Media and its Abuse). ...some of you with access to the power of the media use the spoken word like a parrot. You copy each other instead of being the servant I called you to be. You choreograph every move in your all singing, all dancing act...I call you to examine your ways... Go
    7 March 2006 - To the World-Loving Lukewarm Churches (Repent While there is Still Time). ...I shall return with My angels to separate the sheep from the goats. Do you not know that bad company corrupts good character? So come out and be separate while there is still time... Go
    15 Februrary 2006 - A Word for the Few in the Body of Christ (Fleecing My People – Professional Fundraisers). ...no longer will I suffer or tolerate ministers and ministries who operate in My name and fleece...My people. You manipulate them and prey on their emotions to part with their... Go
    20 February 2006 - To the Nations of the World (Abortion – Killing Unborn Children). Did you ever truly stop to consider what effect your decision to kill unborn children while still in their mothers' wombs would have on your societies as a whole? Did you truly think I would not notice... Go
    26 February 2006 - To My Shepherds in the United States of America, Great Britain and Europe (Go and Make Disciples of all Nations). ...Are you looking for My return? ...there is a remnant who are preparing and teaching My people in preparation for that day – what about you? Have I not said... Go
    22 February 2006 - Wake up, Wake up (Warfare – Riots or Revival). ...My Body [the Church], to take hold of your weapons of warfare and do battle. The enemy is not at the door, he has entered the abode, open your eyes and look; how could you not see?... you fight not with flesh and blood... Go
    27 February 2006 - United States of America, Great Britain and Europe, Prepare your Nets – Make Ready. Get ready, in a little while the river of God will be in full flood. You must be ready to put out into the deep water and let down your nets. Did I not say that I would make you fishers of men?... Go
    25 January 2006 - A Word for the Body of Christ (Spiritual Fathers of your Generation). I am raising up new fathers that the hearts and minds of My children will turn to. They have already gone ahead of you to prepare the way like John did for Me... listen to them for they have seen the pitfalls... Go
    24 January 2006 - Prophecy for Great Britain and the Nations (My Sword will Again Pass Through this Land). You shall see a distinct separation between that which is righteous and that which is not... My sword will pass not only through this land, but through many other nations as well... Go
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