Prophecy Now
Prophetic Words For Today's Discerning Christian

The Church Coppice
(Lessons from Nature, Tares, Youth and Social Networks)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“In My coppice of ash, hazel, and oak you will find a cradle of youth that reach up to the light, sturdy and resolute. The old growth is pruned out and used in all manner of ways, but some are burned to charcoal. With the light pouring in through the canopy, the woodland floor comes alive in season with a blaze of primroses, violets, cowslips, bluebells and wild daffodils. As they push through the carpet of moss, lichen and leaves, all manner of birds and animals grace this place of extreme life and activity. Some are nocturnal, preferring the darkness to the light, when they are most active along with the weeds and their never-ending supply of seeds. But, in this place of natural beauty something sinister is taking place. [“What do you see?” Jeremiah 1:11, Ezekiel 8:12, Amos 7:8 and Zechariah 4:2].

“Flashes of colour like Joseph’s coat can be seen as kingfishers dart and dive into the streams, while jays and pheasants call out to the drumbeat of the woodpecker. But, there is another sound that is quite unique and a warning to all, that danger lurks in the undergrowth. The migratory cuckoo has returned to lay her eggs in another’s nest, just like the devil plants his tares in the Church. The cuckoo is full of lies, deceit and deception and will lay it’s eggs in the nests of others, and even though her eggs are not identical as the hosts, they are more often than not indistinguishable from the others. But, in the fullness of time the chicks hatch out and begin to push out the hosts chicks and eggs from their nest, just like the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Hidden by the mist of deception and the daily dawn chorus, the cuckoo goes about her wicked work while the other bird’s backs are turned.

“This is also the case with the cradle of youth, the young with all the vigour of youth jumping and bouncing up and down, hands raised, with loud cries and shouts as if they were on fire for the Lord. Yes, they proclaim we are the generation that the Lord will use. Yes says the Lord, I shall indeed use some, but as in Gideon’s day, I will sift the many and remove them that lap like dogs and choose the ones that kneel before Me. Those who lap like dogs, bark like dogs – like charcoal – they turn up at every Bar-B-Q and howl for all to hear, but so do wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many a tongue is a liar who claims to be on fire, but those with sore knees hidden by trees are the ones I shall transform into mighty warriors and place true tongues of fire on them. [James 3:6-8].

“The tongue makes great boasts, it is also a fire, a world of evil among the Body of Christ that can and will corrupt the whole person, and draw them towards the fires of Hell. So be warned young ones, you may yet be bagged by the poacher and like charcoal finish up on the shelf in Tesco or Wal-Mart. Young ones, I am calling you like I called Zacchaeus, come down off your pedestal, today I must stay at your house. ‘Wicked,’ you say, ‘wicked,’ what manner of spirit speaks from your mouth? Think next before you text, why twitter with a heart that is bitter and head full of litter? Do you truly want Me in your house oh little church mouse? What might I find that you leave behind? When visiting the house of God, have a long look, friend of Facebook for My friends do what I command; do you?”

Michael Backholer, Sunday 2 October 2011 -