Prophecy Now
Prophetic Words For Today's Discerning Christian

Ambassadors for Christ
(Do I have your Attention?)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says:

“To all those who would still claim to be ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, I say to you, what on earth are you doing? There is no higher calling than to be called to represent My Son and His name, which is above every other. Tell me, what do I have to do to get your attention? Be warned there are no lengths to which I will not go to secure your attention. Whatever it takes, I will get it and lay hold of you.

“Those of you who choose to continue on aimlessly as if I have not spoken to you are in for a real shock. Do not delude yourselves into thinking because you have done this, that or the other in My Son’s name, that somehow you still have Our approval. For I say to you, that your way of doing things is not necessarily Our ways, and are in truth, often a hindrance to what you have been called to do. Why are so many so reluctant to listen to what We have been saying to you? Do you not have ears to hear? Have you not read all that was written down as a warning for all on whom the fulfilment of this age has come? No one should think that they are special or indispensable, no matter how big or small, you, or others believe your ministry to be.

“Ask yourself, are you truly in My will being led of My Spirit? Do not make the mistake of thinking that somehow I deal differently with you than all the others. Consider carefully those who went before you, as I do not have any favourites. But some are more at one with My Holy Spirit and learnt the true meaning of abiding in Me.

“You say you are called, chosen and sent – but I would ask you, by whom? For you are not doing as I asked, nor are you listening to My Holy Spirit. So, I would remind you, if I was able to catch David’s and Jonah’s attention, then surely I can get yours also, but for some it will be too late. I have got the attention of many through their economies, and many sat up and took notice when their planes were grounded.

“You are about to enter into a time of great difficulties that many have never experienced and are in no position to avoid. If I do not have your full attention at this time, you will suffer needlessly. So I say again, do not believe in your hearts that you are somehow special or different to the others, and that I do things differently with you. I have got Netanhyahu’s attention and I will get Obama’s also. I have got the attention of a few of what you consider to be the larger Christian ministries, but it has cost some of them profoundly.

“As the governments of the world slip and slide towards a new order, I too, am bringing My order to My Church. So I say to you, repent and turn back to Me while there is still time.”

Michael Backholer, Thursday 29 April 2010 –