Prophecy Now
Prophetic Words For Today's Discerning Christian

Michael Backholer

Michael was born in the South of England in 1948. As a teenager he fell in love with God and always knew that the Lord had a call upon his life. In the early eighties, he fully surrendered his life to Christ Jesus and came into the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

In 1989, he was called into the hidden life and was released from working for an earthly master. Since that time he has also served the Lord in the USA, South Africa, Poland, France, Ireland and all over Great Britain.

In the late eighties, whilst on a mission in Scotland, Michael received a vision of revival which transformed his life. He never lost sight of the promise of revival and continues to believe that the greatest Christian revival is yet to come.

Michael shares his vision and a prophecy for revival on ByFaith TV (Episode 2, Revival in Britain) which airs on numerious Christian TV networks worldwide.

Some of these revival prophecies have also been published in: Revival Fires and Awakenings - Thirty-Six Visitations of the Holy Spirit Go.
Prophecy Now by Michael Backholer is available as a paperback and in different ebook formats Go. (Final prophecy in book is 29 March 2013).

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