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The Lord’s Paratroopers
(Theocratic Intervention – Full of the Holy Spirit)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“In the days of Joshua, he learnt at Rephidim through Moses that is was imperative that holy hands be lifted up to the Lord in intercession, if the battle on the earth was to be won. On entering the Promised Land, Joshua was reminded that he too must look to and listen to the Commander of the Army of the Lord (the captain of the Host), and in doing so victory was assured at Jericho. Sadly, Achan acted unfaithfully towards the Lord and His instructions, which cost the Lord’s people dearly in their next battle at Ai.

“Jesus learned obedience through His suffering, as did Paul and all the other apostles. Many today repel discipline and suffering yet willingly embrace denominational denial of biblical truth. Even Barnabas was led astray for a time in his day. The enthusiasm of the flesh knows no bounds, encouraged as it is by the sinful self-nature of the flesh. That which is not crucified under the direction of the Holy Spirit will lead many into self-deception and delusion, believing that they can take or win whole towns, cities and nations without the leading or direction of the Holy Spirit.

“Even now says the Spirit of the Lord there are those who would rather undertake sponsored runs, walks, climbs, swims and all manner of ways to raise money to carry out their own religious plans and ideas, rather than humble themselves, pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, rather than seek for My Kingdom, My will, My righteousness and see all their needs met in Christ Jesus. I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer without anger or disputing; clean hands and pure hearts are what I have called for, and will continue to call for. The flesh counts for nothing and needs no motivating, it is the Spirit that counts, poetic rhythm and rhyme sounds good for a season, and may awaken the flesh momentarily but will not revive the spirit of the man or the Church. All of man’s own plans, ideas, ambitions, programmes, strategies and agendas have all failed to bring about the completion of My commission – to go into all the world and make disciples, teaching them to obey all I commanded, with signs and miracles following the preaching of My Word. Now is the time to become theocratic (the direct intervention and authority of God working through revelation through man).

“There are those who have had their fill of man’s religious and democratic plans and ideas, and are crying out in heartfelt repentance, desperate for the Holy Spirit to enter them and use them for My glory. So, now in the fullness of My time I will release men and women who have been hidden away for such a time as this. Those who have desired more than the baptism of My Spirit (washing over them), but a full and complete surrender of their bodies and wills, so that the Holy Spirit can enter them in all His fullness, power and will, to work in and through them.

“It is written that seven men were chosen who were full of wisdom, faith and the Holy Spirit to wait on tables. Likewise, these hidden ones have humbled themselves in keeping with My will. Soon they will be released and like Philip, miraculous signs shall follow the preaching of My Word, and like Philip and Ezekiel there will be times when they will be taken by the Spirit from one place to another in the twinkling of an eye, from riots to revival. These are the ones that the Holy Spirit fought spiritual battles for, through the consecrated bodies that he had possession of in *Swansea, in Wales, in Great Britain (the United Kingdom). At that crossroads in time, they and their nation were all united as one (a transverse section of people fully representative of a nation and God’s will). These hidden ones are some of the ones that intercession was undertaken for in the last days. As in the beginning (the day of Pentecost), they will address the crowds with tongues of fire, so that all present will hear and understand them in their own native language, and they too shall be cut to the heart and repent. Then the world will truly stand up and take notice as kings and queens, and all in leadership, good, bad and evil alike will know that Jesus is Lord and will have to choose to repent or perish. The hidden ones shall appear from nowhere, uninvited, no announcements or introductions necessary for their appearing will be suddenly, as the Angel of the Lord appeared out of nowhere. Even in jungles, there are groups of people still hidden and not known, but I know them and I shall visit them in keeping with My Word, through the ones that I have chosen and set apart for such a time as this.”

Michael Backholer, Sunday 15 July 2012 -

* This is a reference to Rees and Samuel Rees Howells and the team of intercessors at the former Bible College of Wales who acquiesced with the Person of the Holy Spirit. They took up the challenge to intercede for the completion of the Every Creature Commission; whatever the cost and the cost was unimaginable to the majority of the Body of Christ. The price having been paid in full under the shadow of the cross and washed in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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