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Infants or Disciples – Nations Shaking
(Shaking their Finances and their Beliefs)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“It is written that Jesus Christ the Son of God was born of a woman, wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. So I ask, where were you placed when you were born? In a cradle to be rocked to sleep, then to waken with the cries of, ‘Feed me! Feed me!’ Then to be fed and comforted with all your needs met. So I ask, when you were born again, where were you placed? In the cradle of a church building to be rocked back and forth as mere infants in Christ? Why are you still crying out for milk? Wake up, get up and sit at My table and have your fill of solid food.

“Why are so many who claim to be My disciples still in diapers (nappies), being fed by a wet nurse? It was never My will or intention for the multitudes to be cradled behind four walls and exist on milk. Milk is for infants, solid food is for the mature who have trained themselves in righteousness and know the difference between good and evil. Wake up! Get up! And grow up!

“I am shaking the nations, their finances and their beliefs, while you become more and more spiritually obese on a diet of fleshly sermons that nurture self and self-will. Get up and open your eyes and you will see the beginning of the birth pains that Jesus warned about. The earth is groaning as if in labour, My Spirit is groaning, yet you continue to sleep on in the cradle of your own comfort zone. There is a time and a place of great darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth, so let your light shine forth, now for all to see outside the four walls of your cradle of preference.

“I am full of compassion and mercy, go forth, go out while there is still time. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Go I say, go and tell the people the good news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Tell them of the cross and the blood – what are you waiting for? For them to come to you? Or Jesus’ return?”

Michael Backholer, Saturday 2 April 2011 -

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