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A Word for the Few in the Body of Christ
(Fleecing My People – Professional Fundraisers)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Enough is enough; no longer will I suffer or tolerate ministers and ministries who operate in My name and fleece, yes, fleece My people. You manipulate them and prey on their emotions to part with their hard-earned income. You say it is for My Kingdom and promise them blessings in My name, which I have not spoken to you. Furthermore, you twist and distort My Word to fit in with your own evil schemes.

"And I tell you, not only will I call you to give an account of every word you have falsely spoken in My name to millions, yes millions, who have put their trust in you, in the false hope that their giving ‘now’ would deliver them. And then what do you do? You have the presumption to throw it back into their face and call it faith, as you boast of your wealth and parade before them your gold and silver, and all your trappings of a materialistic lifestyle. Do not be deceived, you shall reap what you have sown. I give you fair warning, repent while there is still time.

“How dare you employ professional fundraisers who have the audacity to stand and say they are men of God, and My people should trust them. Think long and hard about this, for I shall release My Spirit that will quicken My people to discern what you are up to; then we shall see if your faith is truly in the Lord your God. Furthermore, if you were to practice what you preach, there would be no need to continually bombard My people with your false claims, the voice of the Lord has spoken, take heed.”

Michael Backholer, Wednesday 15 February 2006 -

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