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The Church Under Attack – False Teaching, Another Gospel
(Living for God, the Great Commission or Man’s Mission?)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“The Church will continue to come under increasing pressure as it is infiltrated by tares and swamped by lying, deceiving spirits, antichrist spirits, hell-bent on flooding the Church with lies, deceit and deception. False teaching wrapped up in sweet tasting honey that when swallowed turns sour; it looks good, tastes good, but having been taken in, becomes acrid to the soul. It is bittersweet; the taste of deception that demons drip-feed those who refuse to embrace the truth of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

“The greatest threat to the Church is Satan’s fishers of men who are drip-feeding the lies of ‘another gospel’ like droplets of honey, slowly sliding down their fishing lines. On reaching the hook, it slowly but surely builds up and glistens until it looks like a fine pearl of gold. This is the bait of Satan and once taken in, the hook is set, and slowly but surely the line is reeled in, until finally, you are ensnared and imprisoned in his net of deception.

“It is a logical progression that can be seen in the most simplest of terms in the parables of Jesus. The parables of the sower, the tares, the fine pearls and the net (Matthew 13). Jesus prophesied about deception in the last days, of wars and rumours of wars, and daily the media reports on them, while the Church is unmoved, and acts as if it has nothing to do with them. So many are content to suck milk through the teat of a baby feeding bottle, but are unwilling to go onto solid food. They are being destroyed from lack of knowledge. They have little or no desire to become Christian soldiers marching as to war, to do battle and see victories like the great awakenings.

“Do not forget there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. The harvest is indeed still plentiful and still the workers are few. The numbers in Hell increase every second of the day and night, and the angels of the Lord are bemused why the Church does not cry out to the Lord of the harvest to send out more workers. Since the days of John the Baptist, the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing and forceful men lay hold of it.

“Jesus rebuked the eleven (Mark 16:14-15) while they were still eating, for their lack of faith and stubborn refusal to believe those He had met and spoken to, after His resurrection. He told them firmly to ‘go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation,’ and when they went, He worked with them, and through them, and confirmed His Word with signs and wonders. You could be forgiven for asking, what happened to the decade of evangelism? Very little, it would appear, and why you ask? Because it was another of man’s ideas, born of the flesh not of the Holy Spirit. What of Lakeland you ask? Lakeland was of My Spirit but failed because of the flesh (man’s sinful nature), and what of other revivals you ask? The Lord inhabits the praises of His people, when they stop praising, they return to the flesh and only sing about Me. This is not worship, worship is a lifestyle; without holiness no one will see the Lord. So, when the Holy Spirit is grieved He departs.

“Jesus died so that you might live, and yet few are willing to die to self or sin. Few are willing to cry out to the Lord of the harvest. Open your eyes and look at the fields, they are ripe for harvest. Why do you not see the connection, some cry out, others go out, and still others come in. The last day generations with all its wealth and technology will be remembered for how little it did with so much at its disposal. You claim to be a blessed people, yes a people blessed of God. What an honour and a privilege you have – you can help the poor, the underprivileged and the lost whenever you choose to do so. You are truly a most privileged generation, who if you choose, can sit in a lazboy, in the comfort of your own home and watch others on your widescreen televisions, laptops, or on all manner of electronic / digital devices anytime – as millions are forced against their will to become refugees, while others are persecuted for their faith, often beaten to death or starved, while you plan your holidays, vacations and short breaks. You have become lovers of self, lovers of pleasure, lovers of money, not lovers of God.

“You have been warned of terrible times coming in the last days, when the love of most grows cold. You cannot serve God and money, you cannot serve two masters, you will either hate one or love the other. When you hear this, your flesh cries out. Are you trying to make us feel guilty? No, YOU ARE GUILTY; your actions speak louder than your words. Faith without deeds is useless, dead; you believe in God, so do the demons and they shake and shudder! Repent while there is still time. Have you forgotten that when persecution came to the early Church, they were scattered and those who were scattered preached the gospel everywhere they went. So what are you waiting for? Jesus will not return until the good news of the gospel is preached to every nation, tribe, language and people.”

Michael Backholer, 18 March 2013 –

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