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The True Light Versus Religious Celebrations and Tradition
(Presumption and its Consequences)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Moses My servant warned the people in the wilderness about the sin of presumption and of the consequences (Numbers chapter 14). My servant David also knew it to be a great transgression (Psalm 19:13), and so it came to pass, as I surveyed the timeline along the road of the fullness of time, from alpha to omega; I glanced upon My people trimming trees. There was wonder and excitement, a time of feasting and festivity celebrating the birth of Jesus. There were lights twinkling all over the trees.

“At the base of the trees there were some presents, some were books that had been written about My Son, My Spirit and Myself. There was another Book that remained the bestseller but only a few glanced at it from time to time, and fewer still spent the time to read and study it, preferring to read the others. The greater number of lights at the bottom of the tree were looking to the few at the top, to shed more light on the bestseller, but they were unable to. Oh yes, they knew that the Book held the truth about the Light of the World, but sadly many of them had never truly entered into the light and were a shadow of the truth, and still in partial darkness themselves, are unable to share the light with others who looked up to them.

“Untold numbers had been deceived and were living in the shadow of the Truth under the branch of religious tradition. They celebrated and feasted, but would refuse to attend the wedding banquet that had been prepared, and chose to continue down another road that was aptly named, 'The Rules and Traditions of Men.' It was most popular and very busy. There were other roads and avenues of distraction, but they all converged at the road of The Cross where it narrowed and continued through the Valley of Decision. This was illuminated by the Light of the World that was nailed to a tree on the hill, overlooking all of creation. ‘So since the creation of the world God’s invisible and Divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse’ (Romans 1:20), NIV.

“In the last days, My people began to place more and more lights, baubles and all manner of trimmings on their trees to attract others, believing it to be more user friendly and less offensive. Had they spent the time and read the bestseller they would have know that the Light of the World was sent to be an offence to the darkness and overcome it. So it was, that presumption entered the hearts and minds of many, and they believed that they had the power and energy required to bring the Light to all the world. And in their presumption they came up with a never-ending supply of bright ideas that caused many to become dull, as they slithered further and further from the Tree of Life and the right to eat from it. As the road neared its end, the wise who had oil in their jars, as well as their lamps, went into the wedding banquet while others whom appeared at one time to be bright sparks went off to buy oil.”

Michael Backholer, Wednesday 16 February 2011 -

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