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Are you IN Christ? The Hill of the Lord
(Tinsel Ministries and Celebrity City)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Let it be known that there are men and women whose soul desire is to worship Me in Spirit and in truth. They are devoted to Me and their devotion keeps them in My presence, they are not My servants but My friends. I laid down My life for them and they have chosen to lay down their lives for Me. They have nothing that they can truly call their own and lay no claim to anything, except the claim I have on their lives.

“They have no titles or well publicised ministries, neither do they seek them in this hour of carnal carnivals, with all its self-promotion. They have left the wanderings of the wilderness with its dark night of the soul. They have finished groping about in the fog, in the Valley of Indecision, long ago and climbed the Hill of the Lord. They have turned their backs on the bright lights of Celebrity City, and seen through the call for more and more money to prop up the bright lights ministries with all its tinsel.

“In every generation there are the few, the hidden ones who have died to self, died to the world, they have nothing to prove and no one to impress. They can be found daily greeting Me around the clock, around the world, anticipating the small still voice of My Spirit. These are the ones that know My voice and the power of a holy life, and truly are My friends. Channels who are willing and able to serve Me, and carry out My will. Like the angels, few see them, but their service is indispensable and beyond the comprehension of many in the Church today. You may know them by name and consider them a little odd or even over the top at times, but care not of such things. They are overcomers who when called to bind the strong man, tear down strongholds and cast mountains into the sea at My command.

“They are not impressed with the brash claims of some who rant and rave about their so called exploits – all this is abhorrent to them and to Me. Consider carefully your own position for I ask, are you truly in Christ? For many operate under a different spirit and one day they will be shocked into knowing that I am a complete stranger to them. The oil of My anointing will mix with living water but never with that which is polluted. There is no place in My house for worldly wisdom and it is imperative that you discern and decide your own position, for it is your choice and if you lack wisdom, true wisdom, all you have to do is ask.”

Michael Backholer, Sunday 22 August 2010 –

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