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Pockets with Holes - Are you Doing God’s Will?
(Do you Desire YOUR will over Mine? – Squandering £$€)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“What have you done with My gospel? What are you doing in My name? I told you to go and make disciples and teach them all that I commanded – deny yourself, carry your cross and follow Me. The ones who truly love Me share in My sufferings when called to, without complaining and still manage to obey My teaching. What kind of example are you setting? And by what authority do you do the things you do?

“Next year, yes, next year, I will have your attention, your whole attention, your undivided attention. One way or another you will be compelled to be still and take stock of all that you do in My name. I have sent you wise men and women, prophets and intercessors to warn you, guide you and bring you back in line with My will and My Word. But you would not listen, you refused to heed My warnings.

“Listen to the voice of the Lord, next year, yes, next year; I will command your attention. I will touch you where it hurts and stop you dead in your tracks. You cannot go on as you have, and I will not permit you to. You think My pockets are deep and so they are, but yours are full of holes. How deep are your pockets and your pride? I ask, for I intend to show you and touch them both, and if you dare to continue to refuse to acknowledge the true state of both and repent, you will be called to step aside or even stand down, so the ones whom I have called and chosen can complete the work, in keeping with My will and Word.

“You cannot carry on as you have with pride in your hearts, somehow believing that you are special or different to all the others, when in fact, some are strangers to My Holy Spirit and yet claim to be led by Him. So it is with those who claim to be My disciples, yet desire their will over Mine and call for more and more to squander on themselves, and their own ideas. I say again, next year your pockets will not be stretched as your income shrinks, but know this: I shall provide for all those I have called and chosen, and set apart to complete the Every Creature Commission, and they shall go forth in the power of My Spirit in keeping with the intercessions of My little flock, once in Swansea.”*

Michael Backholer, Tuesday 29 June 2010 –

* This is a reference to the legacy of the intercessions gained by the Holy Spirit through Rees Howells and the team of intercessors at the Bible College of Wales during the 1930s and 40s and then under Samuel Rees Howells from the 1950s onwards; he died in March 2004. See Samuel Rees Howells: A Life of Intercession
and Rees Howells’ God Challenges the Dictators, Doom of Axis Powers Predicted

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