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My Will, My Power by My Spirit in the Last Days
(One in the Spirit – The Every Creature Commission)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“To those who claim in My name to be My Church in the nations of the world, from the centre to the outer most parts of the four winds – If you will not give Me your bodies as your spiritual act of worship, then give Me your ear to hear what I have to say to each and every one of you. Who truly lives in your body? Who are you truly led by? Is your body truly a temple of the Holy Spirit?

“Many, not just a few, claim they are filled with My Spirit yet do not abide (remain) in the Vine. Nor have they embraced the cross, truly repented or crucified their old self; for those who truly belong to Jesus have crucified the sinful nature. This is why you are controlled by your passions and desires, and your minds are set on earthy things instead of your hearts being set on things above – My Kingdom and My will. Many are mechanical, even automatic as you operate without conscious thought of the Holy Spirit, in your own strength and your own will. My good, pleasing and perfect will is that you be conformed into the image of Jesus, obey My Word and walk as He did. How can you claim to be in the light, as He is in the light, yet continue to walk in the shadow of darkness? Are you not foolish? Bewitched? Have you not added your own rules and regulations that oppress and crush the life of the Spirit out of the people in the name of your group or denomination?

“Give heed to what you believe and what I say, for in the day and the hour of My return you could find yourself assigned a place with the hypocrites with the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Listen I say, listen, to what for many remains a mystery, an enigma. I have a remnant in the Body of Christ, in the Church, who abide day and night and are called My friends. They are a storehouse of polished cogs that the Holy Spirit indwells at the very centre and heart of their beings. They shine like the noonday sun, like lamps, wise ones with oil to spare. They have been called, set apart, and come from all walks and diverse backgrounds, in all shapes and sizes. Yet they coexist and synchronise as one in time and Spirit, a living, vibrant remnant who will mesh together for My glory. Intercessors, apostles, prophets and evangelists who have been called, chosen, appointed, anointed, and will hear a voice saying, ‘This is the way walk in it.’

“Go into all the world and complete the Every Creature Commission in keeping with My Word, and the intercessions of My Holy Spirit, working through the surrendered bodies of those warriors in *Wales, who have now fallen to the ground as a seed of corn; and others who chose to walk as Nash and Finney did. All different, but all made one, different gifts, but one Spirit, different in service. but one Lord. Different ways of working but one God, like cogs all working in harmony, all doing their part in the unity of the Spirit with equal concern for each other; as one is moved by the Spirit to do its part, so in turn, all are moved in different directions to do their part. One in spirit, one in purpose, one in love, all in the power of the Spirit in My will.”

Michael Backholer, Easter Weekend (April 2012) -

* This is a reference to the team of intercessors under Rees Howells (1979-1950) at the Bible College of Wales (1924-2009) and then under Samuel Rees Howells (1912-2004) from 1950 onwards. See Samuel Rees Howells: A Life of Intercession

and Rees Howells’ God Challenges the Dictators, Doom of Axis Powers Predicted

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