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Sold Out For Jesus or Selling Him
(Unholy Beggars who fleece the Bride)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, the Roman soldiers flogged Him and few today are truly sold out to Him; whilst others have no qualms of selling Him short in all their dealings with others, in His name. Many I say, many have peddled My grace and devalued it and cheapened the gospel to a knock down bottom price. The true price of the cross and the blood of Christ has been dragged down and down to the bargain bottom basement. Riches and wealth are promised that will never ever pass through the eye of the needle. Be warned and warn those who deliberately market the name of Jesus as a brand and the cross as their logo.

“The good news used as a source of income for some has become bad news for many who don’t have a penny. All of man’s currencies are of no value in the Kingdom of God and today, many of them are near worthless, and little more than a joke on the earth. What many value on the earth is worthless in God’s sight. Currencies have, and will continue to be devalued, so heed the greed [pay attention / take notice of] and take note of the mote in your eye. For I am bringing down My hammer on the earth like an auctioneer, and have set a reserve price on all that pertains to the name of Jesus, so you will no longer be able to do your own bidding. All that is fake and counterfeit will be rejected, and thrown out where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

“Listen I say, listen, I am raising up prophets who will discern that which is false and make it known to you. For many who have eyes to see and ears to hear, do not recognise the sheep from the goats or the wolf in sheep’s clothing. In the USA, there is a herb that whips up the flock into a frenzy and believed he could garnish others with a revival anointing at a price, or should I say, at the expense of others. Then there is the special offer, like the green prosperity handkerchief that is not worth blowing your nose in. [C.f. Judges 8:22-27, 2 Kings 18:4, Isaiah 30:2-3, Isaiah 31:1-2, 6 and Isaiah 50:11, objects, situations and circumstances being abused, and God was not pleased!].

“Beware I say, beware of a phoney and his phones, why the rush? Why the hurry? ‘Give now!,’ they cry. Like the vulture, they will keep coming until all that is left is bone. Yet still they gobble on and on and on like a turkey. Test the spirits I say, test the spirits and read the Bible, testing all that is promised, and claimed with the Word of God. My Spirit comes as a dove and speaks in a small still voice, a whisper.

“Beware, you have been warned.”

Michael Backholer, Easter Monday 25 April 2011 -

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