Prophecy Now
Prophetic Words For Today's Discerning Christian

The True and the False
(Produce Fruit)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Just as a fog of lies, deceit and deception entered the garden in the beginning, so the same fog of deception has been cultivated in the minds of many in the Church. There are those who are living under false pretences and claim to be a part of the Church. However, this is a charade, a deception, an abomination in My sight. Their fruit is a projected delusion and rotten to the core. On the surface to the untrained eye and the undiscerning, it looks appetising, but on closer inspection, it is found to be counterfeit. Just like the waxed and plastic fruit, it is all for show.

“But know this, I am dissecting all that is false and am gifting that which is true, to discern and know the difference. There is a Spirit of Truth and a spirit of falsehood, the true gospel and a false gospel, true apostles and false apostles, a true anointing and a counterfeit anointing. And yes, there are true prophets and false prophets – and by their fruit will you recognise them. For that which is true will produce lasting fruit, fruit of the light, true fruit of My Spirit.

“Avoid the fruitless deeds of darkness and produce fruit in keeping with repentance. Therefore, repent for all your fruitless deeds of darkness while there is still time, because My fire is coming on My Church, to test the true quality of each man’s fruit and his works.”

Michael Backholer, Sunday 8 November 2009 –