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God’s Vineyard
New Wine or Vinegar - True Worship

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Something different has taken root in parts of My vineyard. Some are enthusiastic to cultivate it and propagate more from this rootstock* while others are unsure of its roots and origin. True, there are no signs of black spot, rust or mildew, but this is not a Rose of Sharon. On closer examination, you will discover there are suckers originating from below the graft, below the surface. If they are not removed the whole plant will backslide, oh yes, there is vigorous growth and so it is with the rootstock of the dog rose that grows wild amongst the weeds. But this resembles a brier, a thorn bush that will never produce a good vintage. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes? This is indeed a tare, illegitimate and unholy from the root up, and cannot be grafted into the True Vine. There are great proclamations made about it and exuberant claims, and celebrations taking place – but this is not the sign of a great harvest, but these are signs of a people clowning around without any restraint or self-control. This has all the hallmarks of a circus. Look at the fruit I say, or should I say look for the fruit. This is of the flesh and will never mature into new wine and is only fit for vinegar. [C.f. Amos 5:21-24 and Malachi 1:6-14].

“There is nothing new under the sun. Even David, a man after My own heart loved to worship and celebrate before Me with all his might. He would dance and leap for joy with great exuberance, but was despised by some, but he could not help himself for his love for Me welled up within him and gushed forth in wonder and adoration. Unlike so many today, in this feel good circus of entertainment that is currently doing the rounds of My vineyard.

“Have you never read about the time when Jesus was full of joy through the Holy Spirit? It is for this reason I also ask, where is all your joy emanating from? And more to the point, is this truly worship? So I ask again, when you come together to whoopee, is it really for Me? Or is it just something you do for yourselves? What of the rest of the week when you are alone, do you dance the same for Me then? Or is it just part of the show when you come together in My name. By the way, David would dance daily and while alone. Consider this and meditate on it for there are those who are too frail to join in and be a part of this outward boisterous merrymaking. Yet daily, yes, daily I say, they dance for Me deep within their souls and worship Me in Spirit and in truth, deep within their hearts. I love to see My people worship and celebrate in all the diversity of their cultures. But you must learn to discern between that which is of My Spirit and that which is of your flesh, before the love of most grows cold.”

Michael Backholer, Thursday 16 September 2010 -

* This prophecy relates to God as the Great Gardener and has specific meaning to those familiar with horticulture - the cultivation of plants, John 15:1-11.