Prophecy Now
Prophetic Words For Today's Discerning Christian

The Long Wrong Road to Nineveh
(Your Way or God's?)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“What, O what are My people up to now? What, O what are they doing? Do they know themselves? Many who claim they are My people have a never-ending supply of adrenalin to do what they want to do. They continually come up with new ideas on how they can reach their generation. They will travel over land and sea by trains, boats and planes or trundle in cars on roads made from tar, and continue in the wrong direction like Jonah. They make great boasts of what I can do, then continue to do their own thing. Why, O why do you think that only a few truly reach so many? Why, O why do you think that so few walk in the power of My Spirit, and I am not referring to those who rant and rave like those with road rage and claim it as My anointing. Your flesh is never-ending like the roads you travel on.

“The very thing I want the most, is the very same thing you value the most. The very same thing I want from you, you have no wish to part with. You claim to be dead to this world but are in fact more alive than bees in their hive. When it comes to your will, you are as aggressive as a wasp in a fruit tree but lack the fruit yourself. You are more sensitive to your own will and comfort than you are to My Spirit. This is why so many of you spend so much time on the roundabout of self deception, going round in circles but never reaching the destination that I have for you.

“You say you only want My good, pleasing and perfect will. You receive the gifts of My Spirit, but refuse Him the very thing He wants from you, yet claim is His. You say your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, but is it? My good, pleasing and perfect will is that you surrender your body as a living sacrifice to the Holy Spirit and be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then and only then will you be able to test and approve what My good, pleasing and perfect will truly is. Can you honestly say you have been crucified with Christ? Can you honestly say you no longer live? Can you honestly say the life that you live in the body, you live by faith in the Son of God who loves you and gave Himself for you?

“What of your character, has the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit caused you to live a holy life? Just as moths are drawn to the beams of light from a car’s headlights, so you are drawn into the light of Christ by the Holy Spirit. But, unlike the moths, as you draw near to the source of the light you are unwilling to lay down your will or your life for His. Again and again, you swerve back and forth into the darkness and follow your own sinful Sat-Nav of self-will and bright ideas, that like a candle burns out. You talk of the baptism of My Spirit as if it were a set of new tyres to aid you on your journey, as you race from one place to another. Pull over, I say, pull over, apply the brakes, you are heading towards a precipice, the end of the road. Repent, turn around and like Jonah, go in the direction I have called you.

“If as you claim your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and He lives in you and you abide in Him, then He teaches you all things and reminds you of everything that I have said. Then pray tell Me, why, O why do you go here, there and everywhere in search of Him, His power and to be in His presence? Could it be that your old sinful nature (your flesh) has still not been crucified with Christ and you are still very much alive to this world, that you claim only to be passing through and not a part of? While you are still on the road of self-will, others I have called, you to are being overlooked or lost. You will recall Jonah was thrown into the sea of God’s mercy and compassion and was swallowed by a great fish. Like the prodigal son, he came to his senses and recalled that those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs. There are billions upon billions today like those in Nineveh, who cannot tell their right hand from their left, and I am equally concerned for them. But you appear not to be, as you continue to head for Tarshish and on down the road to Joppa. Be warned, a great wind and a violent storm is on the way for many, but you must choose your will, your way or Mine? For many will be washed up on a beach like trash.”

Michael Backholer, Sunday 13 November 2011 -