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Links with the Holy Spirit
(Linked with the Holy Spirit or Chained by the Devil?)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“I have spoken to you and revealed to you about My chain of grace, of intercessors who are all linked together as one in spirit and in truth, by the Holy Spirit encompassing the earth. I have made known to you through the Word, the great chain that the angel will use to bind the dragon for a thousand years.

“But I am grieved that many of My people are bound and chained due to the lack of knowledge of the Holy Spirit. They boast of their social links, and are pleased, even proud of their links on their web pages. For many the internet has become a net that pulls them further and further from My will and My Holy Spirit. Tell Me this day are you linked with the Holy Spirit or are you chained by the devil?

“Is your name written on a page in the Book of Life? You call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ but am I truly Lord and Saviour of your lives? Many, far too many are still infants in Christ. Men are still boasting of their links, little has changed since the days of Paul and Apollos.

“There is only one foundation to build on, Jesus Christ. One plan, plan A, My will done, in My way, in My time. You are outside My conception of time and for many outside of My will also. There are large gatherings of My people, and large ministries who are building on gold, silver and costly stones that will not withstand the test of the fire of the Holy Spirit.

“I tell you the truth, Apollos an educated man with a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures spoke with great fervour. But, Aquila and Priscilla taught him the way of God more accurately for they were linked in Spirit and in truth to the Holy Spirit, and desired to be chained to His will. These tent makers like Paul had learned to live and abide with the Holy Spirit daily, unlike so many today who claim they will enter Heaven as their birthright, and in their next breath blaspheme the Holy Spirit and speak against Him, for which there is no forgiveness. This is an eternal sin in this age and in the age to come; think long and hard about this, meditate on it day and night, then ask yourself has the Holy Spirit truly entered into your life, into your body as His temple? Do you truly eat together? It is the ones who overcome that have a right to Heaven. He who has ears, hear what the Spirit of the Lord says to the churches, it will be the overcomers who have the right to eat from the tree of life in the Paradise of God.

“Now ask yourselves, why are so many of your fellowships dead or dying? Why are so many of your buildings empty? Why does revival tarry? Are you looking to Me? Truly I ask you, truly answer Me, who are you looking to? Who are you waiting for? For I AM looking to you, waiting for you to do your part in Spirit and in truth, I AM truly grieved for the Kingdom of Heaven’s net is nearing fullness and will be pulled up.”

Michael Backholer, 8 June 2012 -