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The Economic Climate
(And a Look at the Church)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“I hear the sound of voices all over the world, people who are anxious, fearful and some who are distraught. A people who have lost hope, a people who do not know Me or know of My love, listening, watching, thinking and asking, ‘Who can we put our trust in now? Who can we believe? What is the world coming to? Will this ever end?’ All the lies, the deceit, the deception; bankers, politicians and leaders saying one thing one day and then later doing another. Where is it all leading? Some say this is the hand of God at work, sifting and shaking, a sign of Divine displeasure.

“Some are looking to the Church for an anchor and direction – what will they find? What will they see? What will they hear? Will they find faith? True hope? A house of prayer for all nations? A refuge? A place of blessing where My will on earth is done as in Heaven? – Full of loving, forgiving people. A place where My Holy Spirit is welcome and moving in power. Convicting, converting, delivering and healing or will they find that a partial darkness has settled and replaced the light that calls itself the Church, a reflection of the world?”

Michael Backholer, Monday 2 March 2009 –

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