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Global Warming, Global Warning and the Glory Season
(Concern Yourselves with the Effect of My Son)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“There was a time when mankind had only one language, one speech, yet in heir heart they decided to make a name for themselves irrespective of the cost. So it is today, man continues to struggle and strive to be noticed above all others. Yet I say to you, there is but One name that is above all others, a name that is Wonderful, Magnificent, Almighty and worthy of man’s praise and adoration – that name is Jesus.

“This is the name given to mankind by which they can be saved from sin – salvation is found in no other. This is the name that multitudes refused to deny and died for. Let those who have ears hear and take note.

“There are seasons, and many say this is a season of global warming, but I say to you, if I were to speak the word, a cool breeze would come upon the earth and all that would change, for nothing is too difficult for Me. But I say to you, be watchful for a season of glory, a season that will bring glory to My Son, as well as Myself has begun. In this glory season, millions upon millions will turn from their sin to My Son, Jesus Christ the Messiah. Do not be over concerned with the effect of the sun, but concern yourselves with the effect of My Son. For He is the only One that can save you from your sins and all that will come upon the earth.”

Michael Backholer, Thursday 1 March 2007 -

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