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Shortage of Good Fruit
(Bacteria Abides in the Church)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord,’ however, many in this hour only exist on a few crumbs that fall from the Master’s table. While others try to survive on the endless supply of junk food which has little or nothing to do with the true Word of God.

“To be strong, healthy and fit for purpose the human body must be nourished, exercised and rested. The human spirit must also be fed and nourished with the healthy diet of God’s Word. If either is neglected and you receive a poor or inadequate diet, or have poor hygiene, in time there will be inevitable problems and prevention is more preferable than cure. Good personal hygiene is also imperative to maintain a strong healthy body free of disease and infection.

“It is also written, ‘Thus by their fruit you will recognise them,’ and ‘The acts of sinful nature are obvious.’ So I will bring to your attention what by now should be obvious to all in the Body of Christ. The gifts of My Spirit are freely given, but the fruit of My Spirit, like the fruit of the vine takes time to grow from the moment you are grafted into the Vine by rebirth, receiving My Spirit as a deposit of what is to come. My Spirit continually nurtures fruit, true fruit; good fruit that shows you are My disciples which bring glory to the Father. Likewise, fruit bearing branches are pruned back to encourage new growth and thus become even more fruitful. Branches that are diseased, sterile and unable or unwilling to produce fruit are cut out and burned.

“Sadly, in this generation there is a shortage of good fruit, true fruit and parts of the Vine (Body of Christ) have become wounded, and the wounds have become infected with disease. Sadly the wounds have been neglected and festered, and the antiseptic balm of forgiveness has not been applied to prevent further infection spreading to other parts of the Body. There are sores and boils that are full of pus and poisoning My Body.

“It is plain for all to see that My Body, the Body of Christ is far from pure and bacteria abides. I have no choice but to lance these boils to drain away all the impurities. This will be a very uncomfortable process but necessary. Then I shall be able to pour out and apply the antibiotic and resurrection power of My Holy Spirit to reinvigorate, and revive My Body, the Church.”

Michael Backholer, Friday 6 August 2010 –