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Prophecy for Great Britain and the Nations
(My Sword will Again Pass Through this Land)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“My sword will again pass through this land and you shall see a distinct separation between that which is righteous and that which is not. And indeed My Word which is My sword will pass not only through this land, but through many other nations as well. And you shall see it pass through people groups and families as well as My Body, the Body of Christ.

"And you shall see a separation and understand that which is written in My Word, that on that day, many, yes, many who profess Me as Lord shall say, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not do all this in Your name?’ And I shall tell them plainly, I know you not. So keep watch because all that is written shall come to pass, and I shall return for a spotless, pure and holy Bride. The voice of the Lord has spoken. Keep watch I say, keep watch, for the days are indeed dark, but I am the Light of the World and I shall shine for all to see, and those who truly walk in My light shall be saved, and those who refuse My light shall perish.”

Michael Backholer, Tuesday 24 January 2006 -

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