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15 July 2012 - The Lordís Paratroopers (Theocratic Intervention - Full of the Holy Spirit). In the days of Joshua, he learnt... through Moses...that holy hands be lifted up to the Lord in intercession if the battle on the earth was to be won... there are those who would rather undertake...and all manner of ways to raise money to carry out their own religious plans rather than... Go
18 December 2011 - From Manipulative Media to Divine Grace and to the Oscars (Christian Fundraising by Dishonest Means). Against all odds, Saul was anointed King over the Lordís inheritance and My Spirit... For many today, raising money is a mockery of manmade ideas that tries to replace Divine grace with human ability... Go
13 November 2011 - The Long Wrong Road to Nineveh (Your Way or God's?). What, O what are My people up to now? ... Many who claim they are My people have a never ending supply of adrenalin to do what they want to do. They continually come up with new ideas... Go
25 April 2011 - Sold Out For Jesus or Selling Him (Unholy Beggars who fleece the Bride). Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, the Roman soldiers flogged Him and few today are truly sold out to Him ... others have no qualms of selling Him short ... many have peddled My grace... Go
2 April 2011 - Infants or Disciples Ė Nations Shaking. (Shaking their Finances and their Beliefs). It is written that Jesus Christ the Son of God was born of a woman, wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. So I ask, where were you placed when you were...? Go
16 February 2011 - The True Light Versus Religious Celebrations and Tradition (Presumption and its Consequences). Moses ... warned the people in the wilderness about the sin of presumption and of the consequences ... David also knew it to be a great transgression... Go
22 August 2010 - Are you IN Christ? The Hill of the Lord (Tinsel Ministries and Celebrity City). Let it be known that there are men and women whose soul desire is to worship Me in spirit and in truth... They have no titles or... and seen through the call for more and more money to prop up the bright lights ministries with all its tinsel... Go
29 June 2010 - Pockets with Holes - Are you Doing Godís Will? - (Do you Desire YOUR will over Mine? Ė Squandering £$Ä) What have you done with My Gospel? What are you doing in My name? I said go and make disciples and teach them all that I commanded, deny yourself... You cannot carry on as you have... Next year says the Lord... Go
15 Februrary 2006 - A Word for the Few in the Body of Christ (Fleecing My People Ė Professional Fundraisers). Enough is enough; no longer will I suffer or tolerate ministers and ministries who operate in My name and fleece, yes fleece My people. You manipulate them and prey on their emotions... Go
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