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Michael Backholer received a vision of revival which transformed his life. This vision of revival (recreated) and a prophecy for revival has been aired on Christian TV... Go

Thus says the Lord, “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground; I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants and My blessing on your offspring” (Isaiah 44:3).
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Revival Prophecies and Revelations
7 June 2012 - A Graceful Chain of Intercessors - (The Great Commission - End-time Outpouring). ...I am forming a chain of grace through faith, a chain of intercessors all linked together as one by My Spirit. Now in the fullness of My time it will encompass the whole earth in Spirit and in truth... Go
27 May 2012 Korea – One Nation (The Unification of North and South). Jesus Christ of Nazareth will be lifted up on high over North Korea and a new day shall dawn says the Spirit of the Lord...the bellows of the Lord will bring forth new life to the fire and the flames of revival will... Go
7 August 2011 - Claiming and Reclaiming our Birthright (Spiritual Warfare and Rules of Engagement). ...For My people are disobedient just like Jonah whose disobedience rocked the boat that he was in, endangering the lives of others... Open your eyes... look at the fields!... Go
3 July 2011 - Peace Versus the Sword (Full Surrender for the Great Commission). From 2006 onwards My sword began its journey passing through this nation (UK) and the nations of the world, people groups, families and the church. Jesus made it very plain when He said... Go
14 December 2010 - The End-Time Harvest – Combine with the Holy Spirit - (Plead for the Nations – Anointed to Minister). From the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing and... prayed and ploughed through... Go
1 October 2010 - The Latter Day Outpouring of My Spirit (To America and Great Britain). Many believe that I have turned away from you as you turned away from Me, but this is untrue. Others choose to believe that this is their time and... I shall have compassion on you for... Go
11 October 2009 - Jews and Gentiles Coming Together as One (Israel and Revival - The End-Times). ...Behold, says the Lord you have seen the first fruits of the two becoming one, but now a time is coming...when I will pour out My Spirit in Israel... an irruption will take place throughout the earth... Go
10 April 2009 - A Measured Response - Todd Bentley (Compassion and Mercy). In the light of My word consider carefully the measure with which you have judged one of your brothers in Christ...it is My will and intention to restore and use this man again for My glory... Yes, there are lessons... Go
29 July 2008 - Igniting My Church (Restoring My Church with Power). ...The very thing that is lacking in My Church and the very thing that will transform and restore it, is the very same thing that has brought the most controversy to it... I am restoring My Church with power... Go
5 January 2008 - The Sign of the Rainbow (Look for My Promise in the Sky). The tide has turned, the wind of change has come...Look for My promise in the sky over this land for it shall surely come... My rainbow, a sign of My everlasting covenant with My people in this nation... Go
28 October 2007 - To Great Britain (The Land of Hope and Glory). Many have heard, sung, whistled or hummed along to the tune of ‘Land of Hope and Glory,’ but few have really understood the words of introduction. ... Look, watch and be amazed for I am going to do something in Great Britain... Go
15 September 2007 - To the United Kingdom of Great Britain (A Spiritual Tsunami). The first stage of a spiritual tsunami has taken place in and around your shores... the power of the Holy Spirit will flood in and drive out the powers of darkness that have choked out the light... Go
2 August 2007 - To the United Kingdom of Great Britain (Do you truly Believe?). What do you believe? ...Do you defend My name in your town and market place or have you remained silent in your belief?... My Spirit shall be poured out to the full, all over the nation for My glory... Go
21 July 2007 - The Glowing Coals of Faith in Wales (Will Breakout in Revival Fires). Shortly after the turn of the last century there was a divine stirring in Wales... in the fullness of time Wales was once again ablaze as flames of revival swept through valleys and over mountains... Go
7 July 2007 - A Call to Prayer for the United Kingdom and Ireland (The Coming Revival - 7-7-7). A great change has taken place over these islands... I am calling you...to humble yourselves and pray; to build up the wall and stand in the gap on behalf of the land and turn from your wicked ways... Go
12 May 2007 - The Grey Haired Soldiers of the Cross (Most Useful – Full of Faith and Wisdom). Many have spoken about the youth army I am raising up...there is another army...the grey haired soldiers of the cross... They have a lifetime of experience...and have prayed and believed... Go
15 March 2007 - End-time Preparations for the End-time move of the Spirit (Releasing Faith and Looking for Overcomers). In this season of end-time preparations I am releasing faith to My Body for without faith, true faith, you will be unable to accomplish all that I have called My Church to be... Go
1 March 2007 - Global Warming, Global Warning and the Glory Season (Concern Yourselves with the Effect of My Son). ...Many say this is a season of global warming, but I say to you… Do not be over concerned with the effect of the sun, but concern yourselves with the effect of My Son. Go
9 February 2007 - A Youth Army is Arising – Harvesters are Making Ready (Strong and keen to Share the Good News). I hear the footsteps of a generation of young people born for such a time as this... They are strong and keen to share the good news of the Kingdom of their God... Go
6 December 2006 - Judgment and Revival (Great Britain Ablaze). To the praying remnant who have stood before Me in the gap on behalf of Great Britain and interceded... Judgment has begun at the house of the Lord and it is necessary, but I have not finished with Great Britain... Go
2 December 2006 - The Promised Revival (Great Britian). We have watched and waited...some can smell and taste the coming rain...long before they see it. The wind of change is coming to Great Britain, you may not see the wind, but listen and you will hear it... Go
4 September 2006 - The Last Minutes of the Final Hour (Worship in Spirit and in Truth – I will Pour out My Spirit). For generations My people have sung, ‘Let all the world in every corner sing, “My God and King.” ’ So I ask do you truly have an expectation in your hearts for this to happen?... Go
3 September 2006 - To the British Isles - A New Day Dawns (Light will Penetrate Every Area of Your Kingdom). ...My light is about to break forth and penetrate the darkness and shine brighter than the noonday sun and dispel the darkness all over this nation... Go
16 January 2006 - Prophecy for Great Britain (There will be a harvest). Yes, there is to be a harvest, yes a harvest of souls like no other harvest that this nation has ever experienced. For this harvest is a seed harvest... strong healthy seed that can be sent to other nations...produce another harvest... Go
18 November 2005 - Prophecy for England. In the darkness of your darkest hours you turned to Me, and cried out with one voice, you humbled yourselves and acknowledged your need of Me...You were delivered for a purpose... there is a Kingdom to be built... Go
17 November 2005 - Prophecy for Scotland. O Land of the Covenanters, listen to Me, can you not hear My still small voice calling to you from the mountain tops, down the glens and across the lochs?... get ready, this will be a time not to be forgotten; a time of extraordinary blessing... Go
16 November 2005 - Prophecy for Wales. Land of valley and song, I say to you again prepare, prepare for a visitation of My Spirit. I have not forgotten or overlooked you. Once again the breath of God will be felt as My Spirit bloweth through you, a mighty wind, a powerful wind, a wind of change... Go
12 November 2005 - Prophecy for Ireland (North and South). I have loved you with an everlasting love... He is the One that can truly deliver you and it was He who died for you, yes all of you; both north and south. And now in these last days I am calling you back to Myself... Go
5 May 2005 - Great Britain Revelation of Revival. The blessing of a Heaven-sent revival and end-time outpouring of God’s Spirit is backing up like a wall of water offshore. The devil has raised a barrier of unbelief over and around this nation. When the revival prophecy is released... Go
22 March 2004 - Great Britain Prophecy. For generations the devil has blinded the eyes of the believer and the unbeliever in this nation... ...I shall send a visitation of My power, the power of the Holy Spirit. (This Prophecy was declared at the heart of the nation) Go
June 1989 - Vision of Revival - I saw flames of fire appearing hundreds of feet high, flowing across the Fourth Bridge from north to south... “It’s flames of revival, I’m going to send revival and it will start in the north and flow south,” replied the Lord. Go
Michael Backholer shares his vision and a prophecy of revival in ByFaith TV (Episode 2, Revival in Britain), showing now on Christian TV. Some of the earlier revival prophecies have also been published in the book: Revival Fires and Awakenings - Thirty-six Visitations of the Holy Spirit, A Call to Holiness, Prayer, and Intercession for the Nations Go
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