Prophecy Now
Prophetic Words For Today's Discerning Christian

Claiming and Reclaiming our Birthright
(Spiritual Warfare and Rules of Engagement)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Today, this day and everyday I hear the bleating of My sheep, as in Saul’s day. For My people are disobedient just like Jonah, whose disobedience rocked the boat he was in, endangering the lives of others. So it was for Moses, day and night My people moaned and groaned, and were disobedient.

“Today, this day and everyday, many who claim to be My disciples are straining at the oars, because the wind of My Spirit is against them and Jesus is about to pass them by. Like the first disciples, their hearts have become hardened and for many, disobedience is the norm. Most of the Church is still wandering in a wilderness of disobedience and defeat. How many truly worship Me in Spirit and in truth? How many engage daily in some form or other of spiritual warfare? Sadly, many have not even tasted the new wine, and are still in their old wineskins, bobbing about on the water being blown here, there, and everywhere, with every wind of teaching, hoping that Jesus will come to them and pluck them out of the lake of sin and disobedience.

“Open your eyes, I say, open your eyes, look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. Make ready for we are about to cross the Jordan once again into the land I promised you, to do battle and claim the unclaimed ground and reclaim the ground lost. There will be the shedding of blood, and do not be surprised when a tribe or two, or half a tribe have no desire to enter fully in. For there will be people that no matter how unpleasant they seem, My people have to evict. To the religious and self righteous, I say, be warned and repent, for prostitutes and their families will enter in, while you remain in the comfort of your own green pastures. This is a figment of your own imagination where your love for Me is like the morning mist, the dew that melts away with the coming of the sun.

“My prophets and intercessors have battled ahead of you, and know that obedience to My Word and to My Holy Spirit is imperative. For there are rules of engagement that must be adhered to, when binding the strong man and pulling down the strongholds of Jericho that would keep you out. These things can only be learnt in complete obedience to the Holy Spirit, as He leads you into the hidden place, the place of intimacy where He reveals My plan’s, and the preparations you must make to claim and reclaim the ground.

“There is no shortage of eyes or ears in the Body of Christ, but most are closed to what I am saying and doing. In the first garden that Adam watched over, the serpent who was crafty and cunning, planted his own seed of lies, deceit and deception, and thorns and thistles took root which became barbs and snares. So it is today in the church garden, where tares, weeds and their seeds have been allowed to take root and flourish like leeches on the body sucking the life blood out of it. Tares, weeds and their seeds (counterfeit disciples) that smother, choke and suffocate the true life out of the Church by shading it from the true light of the Word. [C.f. Matthew 13:24-40].

“The only Spirit that should be in My Church and garden is the Holy Spirit; all others are impostors (counterfeit). First catch your fish then clean them. If you allow bad fish with rotten flesh to remain in the basket with the good fish, will not all become putrid in time? Today, this day and everyday, there are those who claim Me as their Lord and Saviour, yet they fraternise with the enemy of their souls. They fellowship with evil unclean spirits, demons. Cast them out, I say, cast them out in the name of Jesus. You must expel them along with those like Korah, Dathan and Abiram. You must deal with the rabble!

“Day three is upon you, wake up, rise up; you have had all the time in the world to get your supplies ready. Now is the time to cross over the Jordan and take possession, and repossess the land I have given you. ‘The highest Heavens belong to the Lord, but the earth He has given to man’ (Psalm 115:16).”

Michael Backholer, Sunday 7 August 2011 -