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A Youth Army is Arising – Harvesters are Making Ready
(Strong and keen to Share the Good News)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“I hear the footsteps of a generation of young people born for such a time as this, their feet are stamping, stamping, stamping, ready for the gallop. They are strong and keen to share the good news of the Kingdom of their God. They are pulling at the reins, longing for My reign, longing to go forth into the darkness of the world, to bring the light of My salvation to all who will listen. They are radical, forceful and willing to advance in every direction.

“This is the generation the prophets have spoken of and the intercessors have prayed for. Their families, friends and leaders will not recognise them at first and be alarmed, for I shall empower them from on high. Homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers or fields will not hold them back. These will be the end-time disciples who consider it an honour to share in persecutions and suffer for the sake of the gospel.

“A cry will go up, ‘Who will provide for so many?’ Oh selfish ones and comfortable ones, who fed the multitudes? Who sent the twelve and the seventy-two out with nothing for their journey? Oh you of little faith, did they not all return with joy and even the demons submitted to them in My name, but they rejoiced that their names were written in Heaven. The harvest is plentiful and the harvesters are making ready.”

Michael Backholer, Friday 9 February 2007 -

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