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The Grey Haired Soldiers of the Cross
(Most Useful – Full of Faith and Wisdom)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Many have spoken about the youth army I am raising up, but there is another army, long forgotten, which I have not overlooked and will use much to the surprise of many. I speak of the grey haired soldiers of the cross, who are full of faith and wisdom. They may not be youthful, but they are most useful and I shall use them for My purposes, for they shall enter doors that I shall open which others would tremble at.

“They have a lifetime of experience that they can call upon, and have prayed and believed for many of the youth that I shall also use for My purposes. Therefore it is expedient that I should use them at this time, for they know how to reach the Throne Room of Heaven and call down power and protection for those who are zealous and youthful.”

“Do not forget that they too were once young in body, but through long and arduous campaigns kept the home-fires burning, ready for the day when I would again blow on the embers and cause flames to leap into action for all to see. Flames that shall leap from one generation to another, from one place to another; from hamlets to villages, from villages to towns, from towns to cities and from cities to the nations.”

Michael Backholer, Saturday 12 May 2007 -

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