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The Latter-Day Outpouring of My Spirit
(To America and Great Britain)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says to America and Great Britain,

“Many believe that I have turned away from you, as you turned away from Me, but this is untrue. Others choose to believe that this is their time and they can seduce you to slip and slide further into darkness, and follow the teachings of one of the most dogmatic ideologies known to man with its cruel barbaric ways. They have no understanding whatsoever of My love, mercy, grace and compassion for all of mankind.

“Even though you have brought great shame and disgrace on My name for all the world to see, and you have been unfaithful in the extreme and prostituted yourselves in My sight. Even so, I shall have compassion on you for My own name’s sake and for the sake of the watchmen who I called, and were obedient to stand on your ramparts, and cry out to Me day and night to stay My hand on your behalf.

“Nothing is too difficult or impossible for Me. Can a nation be born in a day? Can a people who were scattered all over the earth be reunited to its centre? Can a nation given over to voodoo and witchcraft be humbled in a moment of time? There is no wall, iron curtain, or bamboo blind that can stand in My way. When I choose to pour out My Spirit on a people group or nation, the greater their sin, the greater the glory when they repent and turn to Me through My Son.

“Wales is known by some as ‘The Land of Revivals,’ but did you notice the outpouring today [Friday 1 October 2010] in Wales at the Ryder Cup competition? There was a deluge, and a drenching, even the Tiger sheltered under wood. This was autumn rain that man could shelter from; even so, the Americans and others discovered that their waterproofs were inadequate in this downpour. This was just a small taste of what is to come with the latter-day outpouring of My Spirit on America, Britain and Europe.

“Many who through fear have lived under one of the darkest and harshest veils known to man shall be set free and washed by the blood of My Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. And the veil and scales of deception shall be removed from their eyes and they shall walk in the light as I AM in the Light. Some will feel compelled by My love to re-cross your borders while others will hurry back down the Tunnel to the continent and beyond to share with others who are living under this harsh regime. They will share what they have witnessed and experienced, of another Rider who sits astride a white horse and is truly Faithful and True. With eyes that blaze like fire, dressed in a robe dipped in blood who is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

“Truly, truly I say to America and Britain, be prepared to see a level of repentance hitherto not seen on such a scale that you are about to experience, not even in the times of Edwards, Wesley, WhitEfield, Finney, Roberts, Campbell* and all the others who have gone before as I pour out My Spirit on you for My glory.”

Michael Backholer, Friday 1 October 2010 -

* See Revival Fires and Awakenings - Thirty-Six Visitations of the Holy Spirit by Mathew Backholer