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Korea – One Nation
(The Unification of North and South)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Jesus Christ of Nazareth will be lifted up on high over North Korea, and a new day shall dawn, says the Spirit of the Lord. To the eye of man, the flames and fire of Pyongyang were extinguished under an avalanche of lies, deceit and deception, smothering the glow of life, out of the hearts and minds of My people.* Behold I say, behold (watch and see), as the fire of the Holy Spirit comes again and melts the fog of deception, then unbelief and denial shall be banished (condemned to exile). Then the bellows of the Lord will bring forth new life. The fire and the flames of revival will leap for joy into the darkness, and My people will bellow out the good news.

“Yes I say, yes, there will be a marriage made in Heaven (God’s will). ‘No, no, no,’ they cry out, ‘this cannot happen,’ but the Spirit of the Lord says, ‘With God nothing is impossible,’ look at Germany. If I choose to betroth one to another that is My choice, My will. Furthermore, when My people lift their shields of faith as one, all the flaming arrows of the evil one shall be extinguished in the name of Jesus; the name that is above all other names.”

Michael Backholer, Pentecost Sunday, 27 May 2012 –

* In September 1866, Rev. Robert Jermain Thomas soaked Korea with his blood, and became known as the first Protestant missionary and martyr to Korea when he was stabbed, beaten and finally beheaded at Pyongyang (the present capital of North Korea). The Korean Church was founded in 1885 and in 1886, the first Korean was baptised. The Pyongyang Great Revival (1907-1910) saw 50,000 converts in its first year. By 1910 there were 250,000 Christians worshipping God in more than 2,000 churches. After the Korean War (1950-1953), though there had been fighting since 1946, Korea was partitioned at the 38th parallel. Communists ran the North whilst the South was democratic; North Korea declined in prosperity and freedom, whilst South Korea prospered economically and spiritually.

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