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The Sign of the Rainbow
(Look for My Promise in the Sky)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“The tide has turned, the wind of change has come and the spiritual fog has lifted over the Gog and Magog Hills. Lighter, brighter nights and days are coming all over the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The pockets of light and small fires, and some of the more traditional ones are bringing forth new light and warmth that will rekindle that which was hoped for in every community.

“Look for My promise in the sky over this land for it shall surely come. Look for My rainbow, a sign of My everlasting covenant with My people in this nation. I have called you to be salt and light in the land, and your faith shall be rewarded again. So I say again, look for My rainbow; this will be no ordinary everyday rainbow. This rainbow will cause many to stop and ask, what is its meaning?

“You remember the flowers from one end of the nation to the other, laid out for all to see as a witness of a nation’s grief.* So My rainbow will blaze high in the sky for all to see, in all its brightness and majesty, as a sign to My people that all that was foretold for this once great nation is coming soon, very soon.”

Michael Backholer, Saturday 5 January 2008 -

* After the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in a car crash in Paris, France, on 31 August 1997.

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