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Prophecy for Scotland

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

O Land of the Covenanters, listen to Me, can you not hear My still small voice calling to you from the mountain tops, down the glens and across the lochs? Have you forgotten already when My Spirit came down on the islands in the last generation? Even now, some of My people still cherish in their hearts that time of special visitation, but I give you notice of an even greater visitation that will thunder down from the mountain tops, through the glens and across the lochs. Get ready I say, get ready, this will be a time not to be forgotten; a time of extraordinary blessing.

"If you are to receive all that I have for you at this time - now is the time to make ready; turn from your sin and see My salvation come to the multitudes. Oh yes, I am about to do something so great in your day, that other nations will sit up and take notice. Prepare your hearts and minds to receive all that I shall pour out.

Michael Backholer, Thursday 17 November 2005 -

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