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To the United Kingdom of Great Britain
(A Spiritual Tsunami)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says to the United Kingdom of Great Britain,

“The first stage of a spiritual tsunami has taken place in and around your shores stretching deep within the very fabric of your island / islands. The true power of My presence withdrew like the tide withdraws in the Bristol Channel from Weston-Super-Mare. But as sure as night follows day, in the fullness of time the tide turns and returns to wash away man’s footprints in the sand. So shall the power of My presence return to your shores as you humble yourselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from your wicked ways; like the waves of a tsunami flooding deep inland. Once again the power of the Holy Spirit will flood in and drive out the powers of darkness that have choked out the light, and the life of My Word from this once great nation.

“Your Empire did not last a thousand years and your finest hours are still to come. There is a work to be completed in you and the nations of the world that only My Holy Spirit can achieve. Jesus spoke of it and John recorded it in his Gospel.

“The watchmen are on the ramparts watching the harvest ripen. Make ready the harvesters, sharpen your sickles and reaping hooks, and watch in amazement as I bring forth My combine harvesters. So make ready your barns and your silos for such a time as this.”

Michael Backholer, Saturday 15 September 2007 -

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