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Prophetic Words For Today's Discerning Christian

The Last Days – This Age Draws to a Close
(Looking for Vessels to be Filled with My Spirit)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says,

“Even now, even now at this late hour as this age draws to a close, My Spirit looks throughout the earth for men and women who I can use for My glory in these last days. I am looking for more than a temple for My Spirit to live in, I am looking for vessels that I can fill and reveal My glory through – those who are willing to forsake all others, and lay down their lives daily, for My glory, and Mine alone.

“No longer will I suffer the lukewarm or the double-minded. I have had My fill of the double-minded in these last generations; mouths that are full of empty promises, cheap words that bring forth shallow and often little commitment. The double-minded are unstable in all they do. I am looking for oaks whose roots go deep into the Rock of their salvation; are you such a one?

“Consider carefully how you answer, for words come cheap; first, wash your hands you sinners and purify your hearts you double-minded. For I loathe the double-minded who say one thing and then turn away to do something different. Away from Me, Pharisee, hypocrite, I am looking, searching, calling for disciples; not church-goers with the nickname Christian. If this offends you, then, you are not one of those that I seek.”

Michael Backholer, Sunday 18 November 2007 -