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ByFaith Media DVD Sale

ByFaith Media has a huge sale on their DVDs! Whether you are interested in global adventure travel, biblical mysteries, the Ark of the Covenant or the greatest Christian Revivals in Church history we have something to suit! View all of ByFaith’s DVDs here.

ByFaith World Mission

Join brothers Mathew and Paul Backholer on an incredible journey of faith as they embark on ByFaith World Mission. From Asia to Europe, they face extreme challenges, culture shock, and government checkpoints, all while spreading the Gospel and putting faith into action. A real-life story of adventure, perseverance, and the power of faith. Are you ready to be inspired?

Filmed over three years, these extreme mission expeditions take the missionary team into three continents and through fourteen countries. In every nation they are challenged to put their faith into action.

Israel in Egypt – The Exodus Mystery

Join two adventurers on an epic four year quest through Egypt as they search for the truth behind the biblical exodus and uncover the mysteries of Joseph, Moses, and the Hebrew slaves. From the Red Sea to Mount Sinai, join two TV broadcasters as they hunt through ancient relics, analyse extensive research and explore the mystery of the biblical exodus.

Discover the first reference to Israel outside of the Bible in Egyptian hieroglyphics, uncover ancient depictions of people with multi-coloured coats and find lost cities that were mentioned in the Bible.

Quest for the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant was the greatest treasure in Solomon’s Temple, but when Jerusalem and the Temple fell, the Ark vanished from history.

Embark on a thrilling journey as two adventurers explore Tutankhamun’s treasure, Shishak’s siege of Jerusalem, the Queen of Sheba’s Ethiopia, and the lost gold of Solomon’s Temple. Join us in the quest for the elusive Ark of the Covenant, tracing its history from Mount Sinai to hidden temples and forgotten civilizations. Get ready for an adventure like no other!

Great Christian Revivals

Great Christian Revivals is an inspirational and uplifting account of some of the greatest revivals in Church history. The viewer is taken on location to witness the actual places where many special outpourings of the Holy Spirit took place.

Discover in new light, the amazing accounts of the Welsh Revival, the Hebridean Revival and the Evangelical Revival. Weep with Evan Roberts as he pleads with God to change a country, join Duncan Campbell as the Holy Spirit visits a community and remember John Wesley and George Whitefield, as twenty-five percent of the nation were saved!