ByFaith – World Mission DVD

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ByFaith – World Mission DVD

A Global Short-Term Mission Trip Adventure

The global mission expedition begins when two adventurers land in Asia, a continent of maximum extremes. The heat, noise, dirt and challenging travel sends the missionaries into a whirlwind of culture shock, but they soon find their feet whilst preaching in the slums and villages. From India, they strike out into Nepal where government checkpoints and instability slows the journey, but in Bangladesh the locals turn hostile. Moving on, the mission outreach continues into Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The British brothers, Paul and Mathew Backholer also hit the great cities of Europe – London, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. They share the Christian gospel and are attacked by a gang of thieves. Filmed over three years, these extreme mission expeditions take the missionary team into three continents and through fourteen countries. In every nation they are challenged to put their faith into action and learn from their experiences on this global world mission.

With no scripts, no safety net and no easy way out, the team shoot through fourteen nations, in an 85 minute real-life story.


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