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Biblical Archaeology: Top Ten Discoveries

Biblical archaeology provides us with a rich source of confirmations to prove that the Bible is trustworthy. Discover ten of the greatest finds to prove that Holy Scripture is given to us from God. Watch the first episode of Walk the Bible and discover the shocking evidence that the Bible is a credible source of history.

Walk the Bible, Episode 1

Discover 10 Shocking Biblical Discoveries

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10. Walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, also known as the Siloam Tunnel which is mentioned in 2 Kings 20:20 & 2 Chronicles 32:30. 

9. See the Jesus Boat, the 2,000 year old Sea of Galilee Boat which is similar to the boat Jesus and His disciples would have used. 

8. Explore the fallen City of Jericho, conquered by Joshua and the people of Israel. See how the walls of Jericho fell, just as the Bible describes.

7. See the Triple-Arched Gate at Laish, Tel Dan, that Abraham most probably walked through, also known as Abraham’s Arch. The city is mentioned in Genesis 14:14. 

6. Find the Caiaphas Osuary, which mentions ‘Joseph son of Caiaphas.’ Inside the bone box was the skeletal remains of a fifty year old male with the name Caiaphas, who was the high priest who interrogated Jesus before the Lord’s death and resurrection. 

5. Unveil the Large Stone Structure in the City of David, Jerusalem, known as King David’s Palace, where royal seals were found. The Bible tells us King David needed help from the Phoenicians to build his palace and many Phoenician stones were found buried at the height of the City of David in Jerusalem.

4. Discover the Ketef Hinnom scrolls, also described as Ketef Hinnom amulets, which are the oldest surviving texts currently known from the Hebrew Bible, dating from 600 BC, which contains the Priestly Blessing, see Numbers 6:22-27. 

3. See the Pilate Stone, an item carved from limestone with a partially intact inscription mentioning Pontius Pilate, the prefect of the Roman province of Judea from AD 26 to 36, who condemned Jesus to death and was mentioned in the Gospels. They said Pilate was made up by the Gospel writers, but that was false.

2. Find the Tel Dan Stele, which contains the first reference to King David and his empire outside of the Bible, revealing that he founded a dynasty that projected power in the Levant. King David was real, so was his empire and his lineage.

1. See the Merneptah Stele, also known as the Israel Stele or the Victory Stele of Merneptah, where Pharaoh Merneptah mentions the people of Israel for the first time in history outside of the Bible, 3,200 years ago! The people of Israel did live in the land of Canaan thousands of years ago!

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