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Rees Howells, Life of Faith, the Long-Awaited Sequel to Rees Howells Intercessor

Rees Howells, Life of Faith, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare & Walking in the Spirit by Mathew Backholer

The famed intercessor and missionary, Rees Howells, preached thousands of times, but until now his authentic voice has not been heard. Rees Howells, Life of Faith was commissioned by Rees’ son Samuel Rees Howells in the 1960s as the sequel to Rees Howells Intercessor, but was lost in development until now.

Discover the wonder as you listen to Rees Howells in his own words teach on the ministry of the Holy Spirit and learn how you can open yourselves to Him to become His channel for blessing, faith and intercession. Hear the authentic style of preaching, teaching and testimony of Rees, including anecdotes and contemporary quotes from men and women of God, friends of Rees who had accomplished mighty exploits for the Saviour. Rees Howells, Life of Faith also includes significant information to aid the reader in the life story of Rees Howells, his mission work, and the history of the Bible College of Wales, Swansea.

Learn about the life of faith, victorious living, abiding, guidance, intercession, spiritual warfare, the laws of living by faith, financial and physical provision, dependence on God, trials and tests, the call and plan of God, mission work, healing, moving in the power of the Spirit and so much more. Including letters, pamphlets, rare and never-seen-before digitally enhanced photos and original newspaper articles.

The life of faith is as easy and natural to the Holy Spirit as breathing is to the natural man!

Rees Howells

Released 1 November 2022, pre-order your copy today to be among the first to read this exclusive and long-awaited publication.

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