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    Travel the World & Explore for Less than $50 a Day

    Travel the World and Explore is the essential guide to traveling the world and exploring new destinations for less than $50 a day. For the solo backpacker or with friends this up-to-date practical guide will save you time and money with ideas, and need-to-know information so you can have the adventure of a lifetime from two weeks to one year. Full of global travelers’ advice, anecdotes and testimonies to make your trip cheaper, safer and more exciting than you could ever have imagined! Save money with tricks and tips to ease you into your travels abroad and reduce the pressure of traveling in new destinations. More information

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    Christianity Rediscovered, Book 1, by Mathew Backholer

    Since the beginning of time mankind has asked, “Why am I alive, does my life matter and is there an afterlife I can prepare for?” Christianity Rediscovered has the answers and will help you find meaning, focus, clarity and peace. It reveals how to pursue God, invites direction, provides spiritual guidance and will motivate you to live a strong Christian life in the present whilst preparing for eternity. Christianity Rediscovered is rooted and grounded in the Bible and is written in an easy-to-read style with verses of Scripture printed in full, with practical advice, guidance and explanations. Intermingled throughout the book are quotes from leaders of the Christian faith which…

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    The Ark of the Covenant – Investigating the Ten Leading Claims (New edition)

    What happened to the Ark of the Covenant? The mystery of the Bible’s lost Ark has led to many myths, theories and claims being made, but do any of them have a shred of credibility? Now, join two explorers as they investigate the ten major theories concerning the location of antiquities greatest relic. Using professional archaeological reports, eyewitness accounts and personal exploration, from Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb to Ethiopia’s underground rock churches, the investigators are able to eliminate popular myths and legends by searching for the truth in their quest for the Ark of the Covenant.  More information

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    The Exodus Evidence – The Bible’s Exodus (New edition)

    Join two authors and television broadcasters on their four year quest to investigate the mystery of the Hebrew exodus out of Egypt. Witness in full colour pictures, scenes of Semitic people with multi-coloured coats entering Egypt, find Semitic settlements in the Bible’s land of Goshen and discover how archaeological finds combined with computer technology can help reveal the face of Joseph and the exodus pharaoh! More information

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    Mathew Backholer on Revelation TV

    Join Mathew Backholer and Gordon Pettie, CEO of Revelation TV, as they explore some of the greatest revivals the world has ever seen. The revivals that they cover include the Layman’s Revival in New York 1857, the Ulster Revival of 1859, the Korean Revival of 1907 and the amazing events surrounding the Welsh Revival of 1904. Other episodes include the Azusa Street Revival of 1906 and the Hebridean Revival of 1949.

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    Reformation to Revival, 500 Years of God’s Glory

    Sixty Revivals, Awakenings and Heaven-Sent Visitations of the Holy Spirit. For the past five hundred years God has been pouring out His Spirit, to reform and to revive His Church. Reformation to Revival traces the Divine thread of God’s power from Martin Luther of 1517, through to the Charismatic Movement and into the twenty-first century, featuring 60 great revivals from 20 nations on five continents. More information

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    Let’s talk about Revival with Mathew Backholer

    Prolific author and revival historian Mathew Backholer is featured on the cover of Revelation TV Times, to highlight the six episode TV series on Christian revival airing in May to June on Revelation TV. Join Gordon Pettie, CEO of Revelation TV, as he interviews revival historian and author Mathew Backholer about some of the greatest revivals the world has ever seen. The revivals that they will be covering in May will be the events surrounding the Layman’s Revival in America in 1857, the Ulster Revival of 1859, the Korean Revival of 1907 and the amazing events surrounding the Welsh Revival of 1904. In June, they will be covering the Azusa…