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    The Revelation TV Story: Hey Howie, Howard Conder & Gordon Pettie

    The sixties changed everything. The Beatles burst into a world gasping for breath, from an age of post-war bleak austerity. It was all just a laugh to begin with. Partying replaced serious life choices. Promiscuity shunned commitment and responsibility. Consumerism hypnotised the soul. “God is,” they said, “a myth.” Into this world a young Howard Conder made his mark, playing the drums for big bands and taking home a packet of money. Soon he drove a Rolls Royce, hung out with his mate David Bowie and Eric Clapton greeted him by name. Howard played gigs with the revered celebrities of this ‘golden age’ of the sixties revolution and he passed…

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    Listen to Your Creator, not Your Critics: They’ve Dismissed You, God Hasn’t

    Listen to your Creator, not your critics. In life you will discover an endless supply of doubters, critics and cynics. There will always be people waiting to talk you out of God’s will, pull you down and belittle you. How you respond to this criticism will determine your destiny. Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother’s way – Romans 14:13 Abraham could have died in Ur if he consulted others on God’s call. If Joseph ignored his God-given dreams because of his family, he could have died as an unknown shepherd instead of becoming…

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    Feelings, Faith and the Mind – How to Live Beyond the Emotional Roller Coaster

    God invented feelings. He gave them to you to enhance your life; not to dominate it. Have you ever felt sky-high one moment and crashed down to earth the next? Listening to your feelings about your self-worth is a mistake. They are not the arbiter of truth. Your feelings cannot tell you who you are in Christ; only your will can do this. One of the seven manifestations of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is self-control. You have the ability, in Christ, to tell your feelings to be quiet. “I feel depressed. I feel God is angry at me. I feel stupid for praying out loud at church. I…

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    There’s Nothing Wrong with You: The Power to Think Better

    There is nothing wrong with you. God created you in His image. There is no one like you on earth; not one with the same thoughts, ideas, feelings, experience, creativity and purpose. God chose you before the earth existed for a specific plan only you can accomplish. You are His workmanship. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made – Psalm 139:14 There may be something wrong with your thinking and choices, called sin, but you are more than your thoughts. God loves you, as you. However, there is a battle going on in your mind. Satan is bombarding you with thoughts designed to limit, hinder and…