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    The National Trust’s Woke Crisis

    The National Trust is in trouble. Volunteers are discreetly leaving, staff are losing their jobs, patrons are annoyed and some properties remained closed. This guardian of Britain’s treasures has been unassumingly drawn into America’s woke political war, without asking its patrons if they desire this divisive and selective reading of history.

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    Christianity, the Bible & Parliament: The Palace of Westminster

    ‘Except the Lord build the House, they labour in vain that build it.’ These words in Latin from Psalm 127:1 are inscribed in the stone floor of the Central Lobby, at the very heart of Britain’s Parliament. As part of my research for my books, I undertook an exploration of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. I found the Palace of Westminster to be full of Christian symbols and I will share a small part of the indagation. It was on this site the death knell for the slave trade was served and laws to protect working people and produce democracy were passed. The modern Palace of Westminster is…

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    Christianity & Architecture: Big Ben, the Bible & the Elizabeth Tower

    Big Ben is the most recognised timepiece in the world. The Clock Tower known throughout the nations by its crowd-pleasing name Big Ben derides from the Great Bell. It resides at the north end of the Palace of Westminster and at its heart are some intriguing Christian themes. My journey to Big Ben begins at Portcullis House. Once through the security checks, I walk into the majestic light-filled atrium of Portcullis House, looking for a glimpse of the prime minister. I head down to the tunnel which connects the new building with the Victorian Houses of Parliament. Walking underneath Bridge Street, I turn left and enter a small doorway to…