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A Brief Overview of Each Book of the Bible – Part 3, The New Testament

This is an excerpt from the book ‘Christianity Rediscovered, In Pursuit of God and the Path to Eternal Life: Book 1’ by Mathew Backholer and is used by permission.

The Gospels – Birth, life, miracles and ministry, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

Acts – Acts of the Holy Spirit through the early Church.

Romans – God’s righteousness upheld and applied. The great doctrines of our faith.

1 Corinthians – A church’s problems and corrections.

2 Corinthians – The ministry of the Church.

Galatians – Leaving the law; walking in the Spirit.

Ephesians – Christ and the Church.

Philippians – Love and loyalty of a church.

Colossians – Jesus in His exalted position.

1 Thessalonians – Encouragement for the new believer.

2 Thessalonians – The second coming of Christ.

1 Timothy – A letter to a young pastor explaining the life of a church.

2 Timothy – Encouragement for Timothy.

Titus – The believer’s self control.

Philemon – The story of a runaway slave and his owner’s need to accept him as a brother in Christ.

Hebrews – Christ is greater than everything else.

James – Faith without practical works is dead.

1 Peter – Why the Church suffers.

2 Peter – Future perils of the Church through the end times.

1 John – Divine fellowship and love.

2 John – Living out the truth in love.

3 John – The truth practised.

Jude – Apostasy in the Church condemned.

Revelation – The triumph of God over evil, the end of the world and the perfection of the saints. New heaven and earth revealed.

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