Christianity Rediscovered, Book 1

By Mathew Backholer

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Christianity Rediscovered

In Pursuit of God and the Path to Eternal Life: What you Need to Know to Grow, Living the Christian Life with Jesus Christ, Book 1

Since the beginning of time mankind has asked, “Why am I alive, does my life matter and is there an afterlife I can prepare for?” Christianity Rediscovered has the answers and will help you find meaning, focus, clarity and peace. It reveals how to pursue God, invites direction, provides spiritual guidance and will motivate you to live a strong Christian life in the present whilst preparing for eternity.

Christianity Rediscovered is rooted and grounded in the Bible and is written in an easy-to-read style with verses of Scripture printed in full, with practical advice, guidance and explanations. Intermingled throughout the book are quotes from leaders of the Christian faith which help explain and reinforce Christian truth in a contemporary manner. The contents are practical in their explanations, lively in their illustrations and are not a list of do’s and don’ts, but what you need to know to succeed and grow now, and for a great eternal life.

• Having a purpose and meaning to life
• Getting to know God and the path to Heaven
• How to be a happier person and find fulfilment
• Jesus Christ revealed and what He has done for mankind
• Christian language, the Bible explained and prayer explored
• Eternity, the Book of Life, the Judgment, Heaven and Hell
• Rediscovering Christianity and eternal salvation
• What goes on inside a church building and why
• Worship, Communion and being baptised in water

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About The Author

Mathew Backholer is a Christian TV presenter, author, revival historian, missiologist, seasoned traveller and the co-founder of ByFaith Media ( Mathew began his studies at Bible College in his twenties where he received theological training and went into fulltime Christian ministry. Twenty years have passed since enrolling at Bible College and he has preached and taught at home and abroad, he is interdenominational in character, evangelical in outlook and has written more than a dozen books, and travelled to over forty countries.