Mathew Backholer

Co-Founder & Publishing Director

Mathew Backholer was born in the 1970s and became a Christian as a child, committing his life to serving God in his early twenties. He is a revival historian, seasoned traveller, broadcaster, writer, author, researcher, editor and co-founder of ByFaith Media. In the late 1990s, Mathew studied at the Bible College of Wales under the Directorship of Samuel Rees Howells where he later worked as a staff member, carrying out various duties, including teaching English (TEFL), itinerant preaching and leading teams of students in outreaches, including weeks of evangelism.

As co-founder of ByFaith Media, Mathew researches and develops new books, contributes articles for the ByFaith website ( and prepares for new TV projects with his brother Paul. Mathew has travelled to more than forty nations of the world carrying out research, executing missions and filming/presenting Christian TV and documentary projects. Mathew is also a guest speaker on Revelation TV.

Mathew is passionate about the Great Commission – to make disciples of Jesus in all nations by the power of the Holy Spirit. He has preached and taught at home and abroad, he is interdenominational in character, evangelical in outlook and has written more than twenty books.  

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