Spiritual Warfare, Prayers, Declarations and Decrees to Release God’s Blessing, Peace and Abundance

By Paul Backholer


Spiritual Warfare, Prayers, Declarations and Decrees to Release God’s Blessing, Peace and Abundance

150+ Days of Confessions to Claim Christ’s Protection, Break Curses and Receive Freedom from Oppression

Spiritual Warfare contains powerful prayers, declarations and decrees to release God’s blessing into every area of your life, and to break the powers of darkness over you and your family. Discover a commanding five-month collection of strategic prayers and proclamations to strengthen and equip you. These daily biblical declarations and confessions provide a template to renew the mind, so you can press into God’s promises and enjoy an abundant, victorious life in Jesus Christ.

Learn how to enter Christ’s fullness and overcome the enemy in countless areas of your life through proclamation and warfare prayers. Including: Living under God’s blessing, healing and wholeness, freedom to sleep in peace, God’s favour on finances, stress defeated, victory over the enemy, Christ’s perfect peace, liberty from rejection, blessings on my home and family, the spirit of boldness, insecurity and inferiority defeated, fear and intimidation overcome, what Christ has done for me, revoking negative confessions, no condemnation in Christ, freedom from evil spirits, the best is yet to come, and much more.

This devotional includes a potent introduction to the efficacy of biblical confession in spiritual warfare and provides you with biblical principles to overcome evil, as you enter Christ’s inheritance. Powerfully assert Christ’s victory in your life, as you thrive, renewing your strength each day with hope. Enter the Lord’s generous and abundant life, as you know God’s Word, believe God’s Word and confess God’s Word.

To represent the 150+ proclamations ahead, you will declare victory in these areas:

Self-Worth and Confidence 
  • No Condemnation in Christ
  • Justified and Sanctified
  • I am an Overcomer in Christ
  • Christ is My Refuge
  • What Christ Has Done for Me
  • I am Wonderfully Made

Abundant Wealth and Poverty Defeated 

  • Renouncing Poverty
  • Financial Abundance
  • Blessed Everywhere
  • Abundance and No Lack
  • The Power to get Wealth
  • I Call Forth My Hundredfold

Fear, Anxiety & Panic Attacks Overcome 

  • Overcoming Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Freedom to Sleep in Peace
  • Fear and Intimidation Defeated
  • Inferiority and Insecurity Defeated
  • Depression Defeated
  • Self-Loathing is Defeated

Healing and Courage 

  • Stress and God’s Perfect Peace
  • Healing and Wholeness
  • Suicide, Self-Harm and Death Defeated
  • Healing Declarations
  • The Best is Yet to Come
  • Healing and Youth Renewed

Family Life, Society and Work 

  • Guardian Angels at Home
  • Godly Spouse
  • My Working Life and Conflicts Resolved
  • Bereavement and Comfort in Mourning
  • Healing My Marriage
  • Prayer for Another’s Salvation

Curses and Evil Spirits Defeated 

  • Revoking Negative Confessions
  • Release from Ungodly Soul Ties
  • Renouncing Unbelief and Curses
  • Freedom from Evil Spirits
  • Freedom from Ungodly Ancestral Ties
  • Free Yourself from Demons

Victory and Protection 

  • The Armour of God
  • Victory in Christ
  • God’s Power Over the Enemy
  • I am More Than a Conqueror
  • The Blood of Jesus
  • Travelling Mercies

The Power of Declaration 

  • The Power of the Tongue
  • An Overcomer
  • The Victory of Christ
  • Renewing the Mind
  • Faith-Building Declarations
  • Great Prayers of the New Testament
  • The Names of God

Hope and God’s Plan 

  • God’s Plan for Me
  • Dwelling with God
  • A Heart of Thankfulness
  • Redeeming the Time
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Showers of Revival Blessing

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